Why HoneyFlower Foods?

Are you someone who is looking for healthy prepared meals to be delivered right to your door? Well, if so, then you are in luck! HoneyFlower Foods is a quick, easy, and delicious option for those days when you can't get out of bed. HoneyFlower Foods has a variety of options such as the Whole Wheat Fusili salad, Tomato Orzo, and Coconut Curry Mac. The Whole Wheat Fusilli is groundbreaking and was my favorite when I received free meals. Whole wheat versions of pasta and other carbs do not always fulfill one's craving, but HoneyFlower Food's fusilli definitely goes beyond usual expectations. With its rich flavors and perfect seasoning, the fusilli is a must-try. Each item on the menu provides great nutrients while still managing to taste delicious. 

Not only does HoneyFlower Foods deliver directly to your location, but they are also sold at various locations around GW's campus. Uptowner Cafe sells HoneyFlower Food's very own meals in their grab-to-go refrigerator. Soy-free, dairy-free, and vegan are just a few of the added benefits of these delicious prepped meals. Made with healthy ingredients and natural food products, HFF is the ultimate choice for your next health food adventure. Check out more information about HFF on their website.