What is Good Uncle?

Good Uncle is the latest meal delivery service that has a hot new take on getting delicious, high-quality meals to you. Each dish is crafted by world-class chefs with Michelin Star and Iron Chef backgrounds, so you know it's going to be good. They deliver to several set pickup locations on and around campus that can be ordered and tracked via their user-friendly app. Orders arrive within half an hour on specially outfitted trucks that allow for the final steps of preparation to occur en route, ensuring that you get the freshest meals possible. And there's no rush--the kitchen is open until midnight! 

Ansley Bird

Meals That Will Have Your Mouth Watering

There are a multitude of delicious options to choose from, such as Build Your Own Breakfast Tacos, Buffalo Chicken Dip, and everyone’s favorite Four-Cheese Mac & Cheese. Got a sweet tooth? They’ve got you covered there too! Double Chocolate Brownie Edible Cookie Dough can be in your mouth in minutes. Meals rotate every semester with special surprise meals added here and there to spice things up.

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Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re a broke college student who can’t afford to deviate from your meal plan, but here’s the thing: Good Uncle is now partnered with Wake Forest University. This means they accept food dollars from students’ meal plans. Essentially, they can cater to your empty stomach as well as your empty bank account. 

Each meal is typically within the $8 to $12 range. If you don't have a meal plan or you're looking to save a little extra cash, they offer their own meal plan options to choose from. That means you could switch to a smaller school meal plan and supplement with Good Uncle's if the long lines at Benson aren't doing it for you anymore.

Since Good Uncle is partnered with Wake, keep an eye out for discount codes and promotions around campus. They are currently offering $8 credit with the code “GOODUNCLE20” for first time users, and you can earn additional $3 credit for each friend that you refer. There are also NO delivery fees or order minimums, and their Flexcash credits never expire. So there’s no need to worry about factoring in sneaky hidden costs… I’m looking at you UberEats. 

Ansley Bird

Sharing is Caring

We all know that the way to someone's heart is through their stomach. Flexcash credits are tied to your phone number, so friends, family, or that special someone can easily sponsor you a surprise meal or two from afar if they're feeling generous. 

Speaking of generosity, if that wasn’t enough to win you over, Good Uncle also donates meals that are left over to local shelters and food banks, so meals are never wasted.

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Drop off points can be found at ZSR Library, Collins, Polo, Kitchen/Poteat, North Campus Apartments, Ewing, Deacon Place, and Crowne Oaks, so your next meal isn’t far no matter where you live. Download the app now and check out the coolest new culinary experience at Wake Forest. I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Ansley Bird

All photos acquired through expressed permission from Good Uncle.™