For some girls, Valentines Day is a day to receive gifts and compliments from a significant other. For other girls, Valentines Day is a day to cry at romance movies, drink some wine, and think about maybe texting an ex or that rando guy from Bumble, because they are feeling like they will be alone forever.

Now, I may be over generalizing, but I think most girls fit in somewhere on either side or in between here. Whether you are single or in a relationship or are going on a date with someone new this Valentines Day, you may be thinking about the box of chocolates you will receive or buy for yourself to eat while watching The Notebook. I have some mixed feeling about these chocolates and I know I'm not the only one. Here's the dirty truth about girls' love-hate relationship with the heart shaped boxes.

I Really Do Not Need To Be Eating More Sweets, But I Kind Of Can't Resist

I just mowed down several sinfully large meals during the holidays, and my tight pants and fear of crop tops are definite signs to lay off the sweets. Unfortunately, I am a self diagnosed chocoholic and it is not an easy task to turn down a beautifully presented box of 40 different kinds of chocolate. Additionally, if someone you care about gets you a gift, it can be hard to not fully appreciate it by shoveling it down. Turn away New Years goals; please don't watch me inhale these chocolates. Also, the sooner I eat them the sooner they'll be gone right?

I Have To Take a Bite Out of Every One (Obviously) to See Which Ones I Like Best

It's not like I can just have a modest nibble and be done. I have to try them all. What if the very best flavor is the only one that I didn't take a bite out of? I am honestly not willing to take that risk. If you thought you could sniff them to determine the flavor, you will probably be disappointed with the fact that they usually all smell pretty much the same. Also, there are usually so many different flavors that you would never even think of or see anywhere else, so you're kind of doing yourself a disservice to not try them all. As an extra bonus, if I have taken a bite out of all of them, people will not want to "have a taste."

Sometimes, Not All of Them Are Good

I'm not going to lie, I have had some not so great chocolates from those Valentines Day boxes in my day. On a rare occasion, I will take a bite and think "ugh I should have saved the calories for a more delicious chocolate." Then I just have a bite of another one and I usually get over it and continue on with my journey through chocolate heaven

They're a Huge Cliché

Don't get me wrong, I am more than happy to receive any kind of gift that someone gives me to show that they care. However, it is kind of the easy go to Valentines Day gift. Guys who cook something for their girl instead of or in addition to chocolates definitely get bonus points. No one is going to be mad at you for making them homemade cookies, just saying. 

But, The Person Giving Them To You Must Think You Have a Rockin Bod

If someone is giving me sweets it means they think I can afford to eat them right? I don't know, but I like to believe this. No matter what, it is a way to show that I am loved, cared about, or I just deserve to have a special day with a special treat.