The holidays are here and whether you’re a Grinch or not, I feel like one thing everyone can probably agree on is that ginger desserts are a staple item in the holiday season. There are gingerbread, ginger beverages, ginger cookies, the list goes on.

Believe it or not, ginger connects to all your senses.  It smells great baking in the oven, and tastes great when munching on baked treats.  It is soothing and relaxing for sore muscles, and even useful for hands-on craft activities. Plus, once you see those darling gingerbread creations, it makes you think of all the fun holiday songs and movies. That's why it's part of so many activites during the holiday season.


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Caroline Ingalls

Who doesn't love the smell of gingerbread baking in the oven?The smell of ginger has been found to help smoothe stress or tension you might be feeling in your temples. We don't blame you, Christmas shopping is tough stuff, ya know? 

 It smells peppery, pungent, aromatic, and warm, sometimes with a lemon note. The smell of it alone will often open congested sinuses.


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You can make a rub with ginger, to put on the turkey or roast, glaze a ham, or to roast vegetables in. Maybe it's most popular food debut: gingerbread cookies, a gingerbread house, or people, or reindeer.

I have always loved gingerbread cookies during the winter season, especially around Christmas. There's something comforting about pulling the cookies right out of the oven and having one melt in your mouth.

Also, Starbucks has their gingerbread latte and ginger beer is currently a trend among supermarkets.


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Roll out ginger for cookies and start the assembly line of the gingerbread houses and frosting the gingerbread man cookies. Hands on activities are so fun during the holidays and a great way to include people in of all ages.

Now, after all that baking you might be feeling a little worn down; try taking a bath with ginger root.  Essential oil from ginger is warming, and beneficial in many ways. The health benefits of ginger root oil can be attributed to its digestive, carminative, expectorant, antiseptic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and other properties. 

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And of course, when you start baking cookies you immediately need to listen to holiday music! So, do yourself a favor and grab some ingredients and get to baking; make some hot cocoa or ginger tea; put on fuzzy slippers and pjs; and watch holiday classics while snacking on gingerbread treats!

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!