Cookies cakes are a dessert lover's dream. They combine two of the world's greatest creations: cookies and cakes. However, oftentimes, cookie cakes come very standard, with a chocolate chip cookie and super-sweet buttercream frosting. I always wished for a cookie cake with my favorite flavors of cookies and frostings. Finally, my dessert prayers were answered.

Fatty Cakes of NY, a company born in Brooklyn and now based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, allows you, yes, YOU, to customize your own cookie cake. Each layer is carefully crafted to please your sweet tooth's needs.

Step 1: The Cookie

The first step in designing your cookie cake is to choose the flavor of your cookie. You can choose from chocolate chip, oatmeal, triple chocolate, red velvet, peanut butter, and confetti sprinkle. Each flavor is baked fresh and packed with tons of flavor. For an extra $15, you can even choose 2 flavors of cookie for your cake.

Step 2: The Frosting

I'm not sure about you, but the frosting is always my favorite part of any cake. With your Fatty Cakes cookie cake, you can choose from unique flavors of frosting such as salted vanilla, maple, or peanut butter. Or, if traditional is more your thing, opt for a classic option, like vanilla sprinkle, chocolate, or cream cheese frosting. 

Step 3: The Treats

This is the fun part— you get to choose from 35 different toppings and treats to fill your cookie cake. You can make any flavor combination happen. If you're into sweet and salty, add some potato chips or pretzels. If you're a peanut butter lover, choose Reeses, peanut butter chips, or straight up PB. There are even unique treats, like Ooey Gooey Butter Cake, Stout Caramel, and glazed donuts. The possibilities are truly endless.

My FattyCake

When I ordered my Fatty Cake, I wrote that my 5 favorite treats were Reese's, Oreos, Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel, and pretzels. I was going with the whole sweet and salty combo. I knew that this combo was going to be great, but what I received exceeded my expectations.

My cookie cake consisted of base layer of a Reese's cookie coated in a layer of salted vanilla buttercream topped with Oreos, salted caramel, pretzels, and finished off with another Reese's cookie. 

Marisa Palace

The cookie was packed with a rich peanut flavor and a moist consistency, with salted vanilla buttercream being one of the best frostings I've ever tasted. As a matter of fact, I wish I had a bucket full of it to coat just about everything.

The salted caramel and pretzels added an authentic sweet and salty flavor to the cookie cake, and the texture of the pretzels was amazing. This cookie cake blew me away with every bite of every layer. 

Marisa Palace

Where to get a FattyCake

If you want one of these amazing cakes, head over to their website here, where you can order online. Need it now? Your cookie cake can be shipped out in three days or less.

For 15% off of your cake, use code SPOON at checkout. Order now, and thank me later.