Brandless is the website that every college student should take advantage of. Started on July 11, 2017, Brandless has the “intention of making better stuff accessible and affordable for more people.” They sell food, household & kitchen items, beauty & personal care items, and stationery. Everything costs $3. Yes, you read that right. Only $3!

Brandless follows their “Just What Matters” philosophy which means they prioritize offering products that match customer’s values, preferences, and requirements - such as organic, Fair Trade, gluten-free, or vegan products. There is a product for everyone! 

Anytime a customer cashes out, Brandless donates a meal to someone facing hunger through their partnership with Feeding America. Brandless has donated over 1,500,000 meals. If you're interested in conscious buying and giving back, that is another reason Brandless is the website for you. 

Brandless communicates with their customers through their life blog called Brandless Life. You can find articles about food, how to live healthier, and different ways to use their product. Brandless takes communication with their customers very seriously. They love hearing back from them and satisfying their needs.

So if you're a struggling college student, like myself, or just someone who loves to save, head over to Brandless immediately and grab your products before it's too late.