When we were children, there were specific foods that were dedicated just to us; such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Lunchables, and anything offered on the kid's menu at restaurants.

As we got older, we've taken to eating adult foods despite claiming that adulting is hard. With this being said, why is it frowned upon for us adults to eat our favorite childhood foods?

goody, cream, chocolate, pastry, sprinkles, candy, sweet, cake
Jayna Goldstein

Why can't we all just be kids on the inside?

The thing with most restaurants is that they don't understand that just because we might be deemed as "adults" on our birth certificates, it doesn't mean that we all want to eat adult foods. 

sprinkles, cake, chocolate, sweet, candy
Torey Walsh

Truth is, we enjoy eating chicken fingers and fries just as much as kids do. Yet for some strange reason, kids get to order chicken fingers and fries off of the kids menu and we don't. On the other hand, us "adults" are forced to either order them separately as appetizers on the adult menu and pay almost twice the price or opt for boring foods, such as salad.

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Christin Urso

As a recently college grad, I'd like to know just one thing - are the ingredients in kid's foods different than those used in adult dishes? How come it's acceptable for children to eat certain ingredients yet it's a problem for adults to eat these same ingredients, but in smaller portions?

Some adults want to experience nostalgia in terms of their childhood by eating their favorite childhood foods, and why shouldn't they be able to? Just because they may be adults doesn't mean that they have to always order adult food.

Please, just let us adults be able to eat what we want, when we want, and please make adult versions of our favorite childhood foods without making us pay double the price.