So like most other college students, I am no stranger to the wonders of the Freshman 15. I have noticed a pair or two of my jeans fitting tighter than they use to and trust me when I say that this small phenomenon never fails to release a few tears. Like many others, this horrifying realization spurred trial runs of every type of bizarre, fast-acting diet that could be found in the depths of the internet. While they ranged in intensity and weirdness, one common thread I found was that most diets promoted the complete elimination of carbs, or to at least cut back to a very, very, tiny amount each day. So I decided to try and limit my carb intake and see what it was like. However, after my small experiment, I now know in my heart why carbs are my forever best friend.

Let's keep in mind that Eataly is my favorite place in the entire world and its literally the epitome of carb central serving basically only pizza, pasta, and bread. So all of a sudden these self-appointed online health gurus are telling me to cut out the one part of my diet that I love the most. Determined to shed at least a few pounds, I thought I would give it a shot. The first day was an absolute train wreck. Do you have any idea how many foods contain carbs?? Even bananas?? Limited to the few options of a college dining hall, I found few choices other than salad. Plain old leaves. I normally eat salads for lunch anyway, so I settled into the fact that two was better than one. That mentality lasted through day two, by which time I was already done with eating glorified rabbit food.

But I am no quitter, so I kept trying for a few days. I don't think I ever went a day without zero carbs, but my carb intake was very limited and significantly lower. For the intended results that I was after, I probably would have had to stick with the diet a lot longer. However, by day 8 I was wrapping it up. Not because I couldn't do it, but because I didn't want to do it.

Carbs. I love you, and no matter how much weight you cause me, this small fact will never change. My family has always been a big foodie family, so I've grown up eating good food and I want to keep eating good food and sometimes that includes carbs. Yes, I would love to shed those few extra pounds, but not at the expense of my pizza. I want to go to Eataly and eat the bucatini, not just another salad. I want to be able to nibble on the bread that restaurants serve. Few things in life bring me as much joy as a fresh margarita pizza does. If anything, these diets taught me moderation with carbs, not elimination. So for all of you out there trying to drop a few foods, don't let go of the foods you love. Instead, try to love them in smaller portions.