Having interned for Candice Kumai for over three months now, I have learned an extraordinary amount about cooking, eating green, and (most importantly) how to be a strong business woman and stay positive. Candice has not only opened by eyes on how to work toward goals, but she has truly taught me how important it is to take care of yourself. Whether it be motivating myself to go to that workout class, or cutting out all things that do not bring me positivity, Candice has truly made an impact one me, and she will for you, too.

Not only do her weekly newsletters make me feel kickass, but they push me to be a better person. For example, she encourages everyone to become a strong member of their community, give off good vibes and love, and to push past those moments that may have brought us down. As Candice stated at a speaking event, she taught me that “sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn.”

Candice Kumai

Photo courtesy of @candicekumai on Instagram

Named “the golden girl of wellness” by Elle magazine, Candice is the go-to person for all the best tips on clean eating and wellness. Her resume and knowledge are endless. Having been a 5x best-selling author and wellness journalist, a contributor on E! News, and a judge on Iron Chef America, Candice is a master at what she does, and she does it better than anyone else.

Candice’s recipes are super delish, full of wholesome and green ingredients, and seriously easy to make. I cannot tell you how many dishes I have made for my family or brought back for my friends, and they all rave about them.


Candice Kumai

Photo courtesy of candicekumai.com

For more info on Candice, follow her Insta (she gives out major inspo), Twitter, and like her on Facebook. Also join her mailing list for her blog, as well — you won’t regret it. Don’t forget to get your copy of her AMAZING cookbooks here.

#SpoonTip: Some of my favorite recipes include: Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bites, Candice’s Banana Bread Cookies, the Matcha Green Tea Smoothie, and the Chocolate Peanut Butter Monster