Ah brunch, that wonderful balance between sweet, fluffy breakfast pancakes and savory lunch paninis. Maybe your favorite brunch memory is of that time you went with your parents to a classy, outdoor patio cafe where the sun was softly hitting you and your eggs Benedict, or maybe its of that one Sunday you and your friends pigged out over french toast and home fries at a diner. Whichever the case, there are so many reasons to get excited simply thinking about brunch, especially when in Boston. Here are just a few factors that make brunching in Boston the best! 

Bustling College Students

Who loves to go to brunch more than middle-aged moms? That's right: hungover, hungry college students. In his article, "Boston's Surprising New Food Scene", Corby Kummer writes about how Boston's 50+ institutions of higher education creates a city that runs on its youth and new ideas. Chefs are constantly trying to come up with innovative menu options that they think college students will love. This creates a diverse range of styles and prices for brunching in Boston. From Alden and Harlow for when your parents are in town for parents weekend to The Breakfast Club for when you just want to pig out over some pancakes and cheap home fries, there's sure to be an option you'll love. 


Boston has many factors such as its rich history, art, and prestigious colleges that attract people from all over the globe to create international and vibrant communities. This diversity has a strong influence on the food scene as many restaurants experiment with different cultures in their dishes. For example, Pagu combines Spanish and Japanese cuisine to create unique brunch options like their avocado toast with boquerones (sardines) or ikura (caviar) on top. 

Unique Neighborhoods 

One of my favorite parts about brunching, particularly in Boston, is that you can make a whole morning out of it. Although Boston is a small city, it's densely packed with tons of neighborhoods with their own quirks. This makes it so easy to explore unknown areas by finding a new brunch spot and then taking time after to walk around its surroundings. Explore Cambridge by grabbing fluffy lemon ricotta pancakes at Cafe Luna, Somerville with a Parisienne breakfast at Juliet, or Beacon Hill after indulging in some raspberry-stuffed french toast from 75 Chestnut

The Constantly Changing Weather

One phrase that I constantly hear around Boston is, "if you don't like the weather, just wait a few minutes." Although it can get slightly annoying, I think it makes brunching in Boston even better. Light snow flurries put me in the mood for some comforting hot chocolate out of a cute teapot from Aquitaine. Cloudy days make me want to sit in Tatte for hours with my friends over vanilla lattes, warm croissants, and muesli while we watch people walk outside in the rain. Most importantly, on those rare, sunny and breezy days I want to make the most of the beautiful weather by sitting on Stephanie's outdoor patio while sipping on a mimosa (if you're 21+) and eating a smoked salmon platter.

Aesthetic Down to a T

Audrey Jones

Let's be honest, one of the best parts about going out to brunch is the photo opportunities because you can dress up, there's usually great lighting, and brunch food always looks good. Boston is the perfect balance between old and new; it has historic cobble-stone streets and brick-walled alleyways while also partaking in current trends and modern decor. Such a range of aesthetics is perfect for Instagram like By Chloe's neon signs and swinging chairs. 

Boston's Foodstagram Community 

Last but not least, Boston's food-fanatics community is one of the main reasons I love to brunch here. With accounts like @bostonfoodjournal,@bostonfoodies,@thepreppyhispanic@bucketlistboston, and hundreds more it's so easy to scroll through your feed to find pictures and reviews of the best looking cafes like Loyal Nine or overstuffed bagels from places like Bagelsaurus

Whether you're looking to go all out at a classy cafe or save a few dollars at a rustic diner, Boston is sure to have an option for you. Happy brunching!