With finals looming around the corner, memories of simpler times get swept away. However, a recent trip to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum reminded me of all those wonderful elementary school trips that provided the opportunity to skip school for the day and carry a cool bagged lunch.

But on those trips to science museums, I was more interested in the gift shop, specifically moon shoes and loading up on Astronaut Ice Cream.

Astronaut Ice Cream

Gif courtesy of giphy.com

The weird texture, the familiar taste, and that special feeling of transcending Earth’s gravitational pull all contributed to Astronaut Ice Cream’s compelling nature. Now that we’re older, there seems to be fewer reasons and less social acceptability to eat this freeze-dried novelty.

Here are 7 reasons you shouldn’t care about what your friends think and stock up on all your freeze-dried favorites so you’re prepared for when finals roll around:

It Never Melts

Astronaut Ice Cream

Photo by Morgan Schutt

Unlike its “real” counterpart, Astronaut Ice Cream doesn’t melt. Bring it to the library, eat it while traveling to work, and never worry about making a mess.

It’s Easy To Share

Astronaut Ice Cream

Photo courtesy of Ruth Hartnup on flickr.com

Due to its affinity to crumble, it can be easily broken apart and shared with others. Take a study break and split a Neapolitan while reminiscing about life pre-grad school applications.

#SpoonTip: When sharing with friends, start the conversation with a space joke. Our favorite: Why did the people not like the restaurant on the moon? Because there was no atmosphere.

It Has Fewer Calories

Astronaut Ice Cream

Photo courtesy of Gustav Holmstrom on flickr.com

That’s right. One package of Freeze-Dried Chocolate Chip Astronaut Ice Cream has 130 calories. Ben and Jerry’s in the same flavor has 280 calories per serving. If studying for an exam makes you miss your tri-weekly yoga class, opting for ice cream with fewer calories is definitely the sweeter deal.

It Can Stay At Room Temperature

Astronaut Ice Cream

Photo courtesy of Lwao on flickr.com

Who said ice cream is reserved for hot summer days? Room-temperature freeze-dried ice cream means ice cream that is edible for every season. Pair a Cookies ‘n Cream ice cream sandwich with your post-Thanksgiving hot chocolate by the fire.

It’s Less Expensive

Astronaut Ice Cream

Photo by Kya Mamoto

The average price for astronaut ice cream on Amazon is $2.50, much cheaper than a $5.00 Ben and Jerry’s pint. Get more for your money and stock up.

It Won’t Take Up Room In Your Freezer

Astronaut Ice Cream

Photo by Jocelyn Hsu

The slim packaging makes for easy dorm room storage. You no longer have to ditch your Trader Joe’s frozen dinners for ice cream.

It Gives You A Reason To Pretend You’re An Astronaut

Astronaut Ice Cream

Photo courtesy of Paul Hudson on flickr.com

Although you may have exchanged your childhood dream of space travel for a Political Science degree, there’s no better way to immerse yourself in nostalgia than by cozying up with this childhood delight and letting your stress float away into space.

#SpoonTip: Make those galaxy leggings more authentic by pairing with classic Astronaut Ice Cream.