For the past two months, Whole Foods has been treating customers to a pretty significant sale on rosé. Specifically, 12 bottles have been discounted, with prices ranging from $7.99 to $39.99. This Friday, however, marks National Drink Wine Day, and the grocery store is amping up its deal.

All rosé wine—every single bottle of pink wine on the shelves at Whole Foods—will be 20 percent off on May 25. Friday marks the last day of the massive sale though, so you might want to stock up now as prices will go back to normal on Saturday. Hey, cheap wine is still great wine. 

During the two-month sale, Whole Foods released several new products, including new canned rosé from Provence by Mirabeau and Presto Sparkling Rosé. The canned rosé is definitely a highlight amongst the glass bottles, though. It's much easier to carry cans to a party, and if you don't finish a bottle (look at your self-control!), you don't have to put a cork in it and drink it before the end of the week. Of course, both of these new products will be included in the sale, so give them a try while they're on the cheap.

National Drink Wine Day definitely seems like a standout amongst food holidays. Although it's implied, there aren't many "holidays" that use a call to action to demand you consume the food or drink being celebrated. No matter how you celebrate though, with a 20 percent off bottle or rosé from Whole Foods, by making your own vino, or with Pinot Grigio doughnuts, drink responsibly. You don't want May 26 to feel like National Hangover Day.