Last night, me and a couple co-workers were talking about food groups we could or couldn't give up. Several agreed that giving up dairy, specifically cheese, would be an issue. From the mass amounts of cheese pull videos and the over-the-top "let's put mac 'n cheese on everything" menu items on Instagram, its safe to say a lot of people feel the same way. Tomorrow, Jan. 20 is National Cheese Lover's Day—yes, that's real—and Whole Foods is celebrating with a sale on some cheesy items. 

Photo courtesy of Whole Foods

For just one day, to satisfy those who have a slight addiction to cheese, all goat cheeses will be 20 percent off, and you'll get 20 percent off Artisola Organic Cheese Tortellini at Whole Foods. It may seem a little random, but one, tortellini is delicious, and two, goat cheese is also delicious. Make a bomb cheese platter with a side of pasta.

If you're unsure about goat cheese, because like, wtf? Whole Foods staff can help you choose between the creamy, mild spreads, and the more potent, crumbly discs. But all of it is amazing, though. Don't fight me on this.

So, if you love cheese, and the thought of ever living without it gives you hives or sends you into a sweating panic, calm down. Go to Whole Foods on Saturday, get those deals, and live your best cheesy life.