Sunday is National Ice Cream Day and Amazon Prime Day. So by association, July 16th is a double holiday for Whole Foods. And now that Amazon owns the company, the brands are taking full advantage of the convenient overlap—with ice cream deals all weekend.

From today through July 16th (this Sunday), Whole Foods is offering a special deal on pints of Talenti and Ben & Jerry's: mix and match two pints for only $6. Oh, and if you're an Amazon Prime member, you are eligible for an extra 10% off your entire purchase. So these scoops, for anyone participating in the Prime membership program, will cost only $5.40 for two pints of dessert heaven.

Now, I understand that this might not seem like the biggest deal. After all, that's not a trivial amount of money for a dessert indulgence. But if you compare the everyday cost of these pints—$4.99 each for Ben & Jerry's and $5.49 for a pint of Talenti—you'll realize that this deal is basically buy one, get one free. And that's not something to pass on lightly when you're talking about some of the highest quality treats in the game.

For anyone who lives off ice cream, this is a perfect opportunity to indulge not-as-recklessly. And if you've been waiting to try out those new Moo-phoria low-calorie pints, now might be the time. If you want to take advantage of some other deals while you're shopping, Whole Foods is offering Amazon Prime members a $10 voucher to use on any Amazon product when they shop on Prime Day. So you can go in, buy your ice cream, and then go home and set up some grocery delivery with that $10 credit.

I know I'll be trying to make a stop at Whole Foods this weekend, and I'll probably be buying some things I don't need on Amazon Prime Day. But regardless, Sunday will be a day to celebrate. With ice cream.