There's no time like the start of a new year for everyone and their mothers to make health and food-related resolutions. Which, is probably why Whole Foods Market recently announced a mega-supplement sale to help shoppers kick off 2018 with their favorite products. 

From Jan. 5-7, Whole Foods will give you 25 percent off select supplements, including protein powders (there's no time like the present to get your swell on). 

Whole Foods is also partnering with Onnit, a rapidly-growing fitness/lifestyle company that makes supplements they claim "help with brain, memory, stress, mood and relaxation." Onnit products include things like MCT Oil, melatonin spray, probiotics, mushroom supplements, and more. 

To kick off the sale, Whole Foods Playa Vista in Los Angeles and Whole Foods Tribeca in NYC will host demo and recipe events today with Onmit Pro Team Players, Tyron Woodley and JP Sears

Seeing as "super powders" and "functional mushrooms" are both predicted to be big food trends in 2018, this sale is sure to be popular. 

Gut-health and plant-based eating are also trending, so stock up on your probiotics and protein powders to stay on trend (and of course, to benefit your health).

Although getting nutrients from food is optimal for most healthy people, they can be appropriate and healthful for certain populations, life-stages, and dietary restrictions.

If you take any dietary supplements or like to use protein powder, now is certainly the time to stock up at your local Whole Foods. And if you just made the resolution to "get healthy" but have no idea what you're doing, talk to a Whole Foods' Whole Body team member and they can help you out. 

#SpoonTip: Try a new vegan protein powder and hate its grainy texture? Or try out a new flavor and you're just not about it? You can return it to Whole Foods and get something you will like.