Jessica Simpson's 'Chicken of the Sea' moment in "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica" is truly iconic. The singer did not understand the difference between tuna and chicken, and people have been lolling about it ever since. Simpson finally got her revenge when Whole Foods made the same gaffe this week. 

Here are all the fishy details on this food labeling nightmare. 

First, What Did Whole Foods Do? 

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Jocelyn Hsu

Whole Foods has been selling buffalo chicken salad in it's New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut stores, but that product ain't chicken. Apparently, the Willow Tree Poultry Farm based "buffalo chicken" also contained tuna, and all 440 pounds of the salad were recalled. 

I recognize that there are some important allergy concerns that must be addressed, but the joke is too easy to ignore. Whole Foods made the same mistake that Jessica did in 2003, and we gotta call it when we see it. 

Jessica's Clapback

Yes, Jessica! Jessica's reaction to Whole Foods' error was flawless. She is never going to live that mistake down, but at least she can laugh at herself, and everyone is absolutely loving it. 

Was Jessica ever not back though? 

The anatomy of being shook.

TBH, it was well worth the wait. 

Same. I have been laughing at my desk about this for the last 10 minutes, and I have no regrets. 

Basically, Jessica Simpson just killed the Twitter game, and you need to make sure that your chicken is actually chicken. If not, you might end up with your own "chicken of the sea" fail.