Throwing a party? A beautiful cheese plate is key for any type of entertaining. From creamy, smooth cheeses like brie and camembert to stronger, more pungent blue cheeses, Whole Foods has the widest selection of spectacular, affordable cheeses.

Cheese plates can be expensive as you’re choosing various different kinds, but I was able to purchase five delicious cheeses for only $50. We then created a stunning plate and taste tested all of the cheese. Each cheese was rich and delectable in its own way.

The Brie

cheese, butter, cream cheese, cream
Rebecca Li

First, I tried the brie. I objectively thought it had the perfect pungency. It was strong, but not too biting, and it worked perfectly with various crackers and apples. It melted in my mouth, and I kept going back for more.

The Muenster

Rebecca Li

Next I tried the Muenster, which had a lovely smokiness to it. While it is definitely a smelly cheese, the actual taste is rather refined. It has a smooth texture, and I could tell it had been properly aged, as it had a sharp, strong flavor.

The Goat Cheese

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Rebecca Li

The third cheese was goat. It did not have any particular scent, but it did have a really strong flavor. Its creaminess made it a perfect cheese to spread over the crackers, and I loved this one.

The Blue Cheese

milk, dairy, sweet, dairy product, cheese
Rebecca Li

The blue cheese was next. I was definitely expecting a strong cheese, and that is exactly what I got. It is another smelly one, but certainly tastes great, and looks pretty on the plate, which is a plus. I think it is one of the best blue cheeses I have ever had.

The Gruyere

cream, milk, dairy product, sweet, candy, chocolate
Rebecca Li

Finally, I tried the Gruyere. It was a nice end to all of the cheeses, as it had the mildest taste. For those of you who do not like the bitterness of sharp cheeses, this one is a must-try. It was super tasty and my fellow taste testers and I finished the whole block in minutes.

I cannot thank Whole Foods enough for sharing their incredible cheeses, and for those of you looking to create your own cheese plate, I definitely recommend going to your local Whole Foods Market.