One of the few things that we could do during this quarantine is drink. I'm not saying to be an alcoholic, but I'm saying that a drink or two here and there won't hurt. No two drinks are the same, and WhistlePig is fully aware of that. Alcohol may, in fact, be alcohol by the end of the day, but there are so many subcategories of alcohol that it makes it hard to follow. But today, we're here to talk about WhistlePig's HomeStock Whiskey

What are the details?

If you don't know what WhistlePig is, in short, it's whiskey. The thing is, WhistlePig now has a HomeStock Whiskey that's available for pre-order on Caskers and on Flaviar. The bottle costs $72.99 for each 750ml, which in normal people measurements comes out to a mere 25.4 ounces. With each purchase, WhistlePig "will donate 20% of online sales from WhistlePig HomeStock whiskey to USBG Foundation’s Emergency Assistance Program, which provides COVID-19 Relief Grants to bartenders." This is great in the sense that it gives back to those that make our drinks for us when we're groggy after work and need something to take the edge off.

According to a press release, WhistlePig's HomeStock Whiskey is "a result of an innovative, multi-faceted immersive crowd-blending experience designed to lift spirits and raise vital funds for the U.S. bar industry community. The collaboration between WhistlePig & Flaviar and the entrepreneurial nature of both companies ensured this concept went from idea to reality in just a matter of weeks. An engaging exclusive content program was created and hundreds of WhistlePig ‘Blend Your Own’ whiskey kits were dispatched to a combination of Flaviar’s membership of whiskey enthusiasts and industry professionals, who were asked to experiment at home before submitting their preferred recipe. The at-home blending kits included samples of WhistlePig Rye, wheat and barley whiskeys, along with blending tools and instructions, were universally welcomed by whiskey lovers stuck indoors." Must I say, I once had to make my own bourbon whiskey at an in-person event, and I either nailed it or failed miserably. To this day, I still don't know if I failed or not, and this event happened months ago.

Jeff Kozak, CEO, WhistlePig Whiskey, has stated that "HomeStock is a truly special blend for us, not only due to how it was made but it’s the first time we’re releasing a whiskey that features something other than Rye. We’re thrilled that this blend got voted as the winner, it could be a sign of things to come from us in the future as a natural extension of our famed FarmStock range.” Additionally, Grisa Soba, Co-Founder of Flaviar has stated that “We’re going to be talking about this period in history for a long time, and what we all did to stave off cabin fever. Instead of saying they learnt how to make sourdough or banana bread like some kind of quarantine cliché, Flaviar members will be able to brag about learning to blend whiskey during a lockdown and being part of a piece of liquid history that they can now own and savor. Exclusive content and experiences like this have always been a big part of Flaviar and we’ve just taken it to another level.” I'm personally all fot exclusive content, and I'm grateful that I get to write about it, too.

While I have yet to try WhistlePig's HomeStock Whiskey for myself, I'm sure that I'll get to writing a review about it once I do such; or maybe, I'll include it in a gift guide of some sort. I'm not sure yet, but I'm sure that you'll enjoy it if you do decide to preorder it.