If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my rotations around the sun, it would be tacos. Before you @ me, let me tell you why. On top of being wildly delicious and dead simple to make, they're like that carry-all purse you can put anything in and it will never change shape or stop being fashionable. With all of the different combinations, every single meal would be unique, just like your zodiac sign and its taco twin. 

Aquarius: Fried Chicken Tacos

With your birthday falling in the metaphorical "first bite" of the year, you have never been afraid to push the limits and be a trendsetter in all areas of your life. That's why this unconventional fried chicken taco is the Mexican cuisine soulmate for you. It doesn't judge or shy away from walking the road less breaded and neither do you. 

Pisces: Fish Tacos for Two

Your compassionate nature makes you friend number one after breakups and gives you shoulders perfectly made for crying on. You and your fellow water element squad always have wine on hand and an ear to listen, not to mention an open mind. For a friend as stellar as you, there's only one match: grapefruit salsa fish tacos for two. Just like this taco, you love to share happy times with friends and try new things. 

Aries: Homemade Doritos Locos Taco

You are always moving and on the go, whether it's charming your profs into giving you extra credit, kicking it at the gym, or grinding in the library. You bring your fiery all to everything you do and never back down from a challenge. Doritos Locos Tacos are your match made in taco heaven because they are just as adventurous and fiery as you are. 

Taurus: Classic Hard Shell Taco with All The Fixings

You're a total friend 'til the end. Late night drunchies because your friend will not be able to live without a six-piece nugget meal post-club? You're there. (Also, can you blame them?) Last minute study sesh for your classmate who doesn't understand the material to save their life (or their GPA)? They can count on you to help.

You are the human equivalent of the taco that never lets us down, but that doesn't mean you aren't delicious all on your own. Just like that hard shell you handle stress like a boss with WWE levels of emotional strength, and what you see is what you get—toppings included. 

Gemini: Homemade Double Decker Tacos

On one salsa covered hand, you can give an SAT word-filled opinion on anything from climate change to the #MarchForLife and hold your ground due to your unstoppable curiosity. Then in a second, you can be reminiscing about the split of power couple #ChennaTatum with friends. You are not one to be pinned down into one category, and neither is the Double Decker Taco. You often have two sides to your personality: introspective soft tortilla and quick-witted hard shell. You and the Double Decker go together like Chipotle and gas (or salsa and guac, whatever).

Cancer: Taco-Style Nachos to Share

For better or worse, you feel things more deeply than a hypothetical bottomless drink. Your tender-hearted nature gives you layers, (just like nachos) and that is part of why you are so bomb at showing compassion for others. You're happiest when you can crack a smile on someone's face and this is what makes you so majorly lovable.

Invite over the squad and layer on those toppings for a time just as sweet as you. Just make sure you don't burn them, or things might take an emotional swing worse than that time Kim K lost her diamond earring in the ocean. 

Leo: Taco Salad with a DIY Tortilla Bowl

As leader of the zodiac, you are the Beyoncé of the Destiny's Child trio. You are usually a fearless leader and are the queen of convincing your friends to stay on the dance floor for one more song. People love to pick up what you're putting down. You don't back down from a new challenge and DIY tortilla bowls are the next task on your taco-filled horizon. You are most definitely ready for this jelly. 

Virgo: Loaded Vegan Tacos

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Alyssa Cronin

You've got a heart big enough for the whole world, Virgo, and there's at least an 8/10 chance that you buy free range eggs. An animal lover from your very first heart-wrenching viewing of "Marley and Me," you follow all the dog Instagrams and that sense of humanity you have is what makes you so special. You are considerate and thoughtful 'till the end, just like these vegan tacos. Remember to give yourself some credit for how great they turn out. 

Libra: Slow Cooker Tacos for a Crowd

Libra, my fellow fall baby. We are the children of apple picking and pumpkin spice lattes and as such, love when our lives are in rose-tinted balance and peace. We are the diplomats of the friend group and as social butterflies, know how to host a bumpin' potluck. No promises we'll be anywhere near ready when everyone gets there though.

Slow cooker tacos are the godsend for Libras because it means that even if we're only halfway through a cat-eye 45 minutes after we told everyone to get there, the food will still be ready for all of our friends, even if we aren't.

Scorpio: Extra Spicy Bean and Sweet Potato Taco

You've got flair. You are the extra spice to everyone else's mild, and odds are you can spill as much tea as hot sauce. You are passionate about your friends and classes, using your resourcefulness to earn an 'A' in everything from revenge to your next midterm to what you're making for dinner tonight. 

Sagittarius: Taco Pizza

You're not exaggerating when you say you're game for anything, and you're more likely than any of the other signs to impromptu book those tickets to Spain and figure out the rest later. Your optimistic and enthusiastic personality makes you a ray of sunshine in life, even if you're sometimes prone to cloudy days and unreliability. Just like this pizza, though, that doesn't stop you from trying everything at least once. 

Capricorn: Soft Shell Taco with Extra Cheese

When the most important part of a group project is being handed out, you can be relied upon to get it done and do it right. Your practical nature can sometimes come off as mechanical, but really, you're just a no-frills, what you see is what you get type. Just like the classic soft shell with cheese.

Your zodiac sign can tell you a lot of things, whether it's your ideal candy, your best traits, who you're going to end up with, or what cheap booze you should be knocking back. However, there's really only one important thing to know: what type of taco you should be eating tonight.