Based off of BuzzFeed's Worth it series on YouTube and watching enough unboxing videos to finish a whole Netflix series, the idea for this article arose. Unlike BuzzFeed, I'm not eating truffles and gold leaf paper, but Mac n Cheese puffs are pretty close. It comes down to battle of the snack boxes: Degustabox and Love With Food. Who will reign supreme?


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Laura Quinting

Originally started in the UK, Degustabox has taken the US stomachs by storm. Degustabox gives its customers 10-15 products (usually full size) for $19.99 a month. The box claims to be worth over the amount you pay, your first box pricing between $7.99-$9.99. This is the time you can try it for a low price and see if you like it.

The subscription is not locked in and you can skip months if you please. Some of the items are even new to stores or not out yet. The box has a decent variety of foods and usually comes with something to drink.

Fun fact: not all products are snacks.

Thankfully the products that are snacks such as Wise popcorn come with more than one package. Depending on the size of the snack, trying it more than once leads you to buy it.

Recently, Degusta added products like Goodness cookie mix and the Goya olive oil, which gave consumers essentials to get you out of eating on the go and more getting dirty in the kitchen. Staple items like these gives you endless possibilities with food combinations. 

Love With Food

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Laura Quinting

Love With Food is also a subscription box that comes in 3 different sizes. The price ranges from $8-20 dollars, with the main difference being the number of snacks you get. There is also a gluten free box. The company strives to do well for the world by donating a meal to the hungry for every box that gets ordered. The company is also not a locked in subscription service.

Most of the food in the box are snacks, but sometimes Love with Food will give you meal items such as Minute ready to serve rice and quinoa, or drinks such as Sipp Sparkling Organic. Depending on your snacking habits the size of the box is up to you. As someone who snacks a lot throughout the month, healthier options are great to have in abundance.

Both Love with Food and Degusta box have info cards on all the products and recipe booklets. They both provide coupons that either give a free item, or a monetary amount off when you buy the product in the store. This is helpful in case you don't want to buy it online. 

My Worth It Winner

To figure out what box gives you more bang for your buck it's important to make sure all the prices are legit. Sure, a company can tell you how much everything is but that doesn't mean Meijer or Target is selling it for that much too.

Here's the breakdown:

Last month, Degustabox valued around $33, but since some of the items can only be bought at certain locations or online this value could go up. The total value of Love With Food is around $20.

Both boxes seem to be at the least worth the initial amount you paid for. Both let you try products you might not normally try or don't have quick access to. Depending if you are more of a snack-oholic or like to cook, the boxes are geared towards both.

My Worth it winner is Degusta box. I find that being given full size products brings out the creativity in my meal endeavors. But both are equally tasty to me. So get yourself a box of snacks and indulge in the deliciousness.