The political world of today is spinning into a craze, so what better way to cope than by talking about food! The Democratic field of candidates for the 2020 election is still full and diverse, so if you have ever wondered what snack you are based on your fav candidate, look no further!

Joe Biden: Vanilla Soft-Serve

The former Vice President: undoubtedly a sweetheart and a perfect sidekick with potential. Perfectly matched to a vanilla soft-serve cone, you can never go wrong with Uncle Joe! Like how a vanilla cone is customizable, so is Biden. He can adapt and become whoever he needs to be for the best chance at success. A classic, iconic, perfectly sweet treat! In case you wanted any evidence that Biden LOVES this snack, check this link. 

Bernie Sanders: Saltines

Good ol' Bernie! A grandfather-like figure, Sanders feels comforting and familiar. The best snack to represent him would be saltines. Old and dry but a fan favorite! Bernie's platform, based on dealing with the 1%, fits perfectly with the cheapness of the classic crackers. A timeless snack, saltines are impossible to hate, just like sweet Sanders. 

Elizabeth Warren: Takis

As a powerful and strong woman vying for the presidency, it is hard not to love and respect her. She attracts young people and is like a firecracker when she speaks! Therefore, Warren is naturally like Takis: a spicy snack that is hard on the outside but slowly melts in your mouth. Covering your hands with "taki-dust," Warren leaves a similar mark on you after she speaks. 

Michael Bloomberg: Bagel With Lox

Jewish. From New York. A nice guy! What better way to describe him than a bagel and lox (note the lox part). As a former mayor, Bloomberg is no amateur. Similarly, bagels are no new invention! Easily customizable and comforting, this is the perfect snack. Specifically for him, the lox is key as it adds a "fancy" note, and as a billionaire, you got to have something special! 

Amy Klobuchar: Popsicles

Amy is from Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes and winters that are beyond freezing. As a women who focuses on bipartisan plans and uniting rather than dividing, Klobuchar is definitely most like the fan-favorite: popsicles. Cold like her home state, yet a fun treat for everyone to enjoy!

Pete Buttigieg: Cinnamon Rolls

Ah, Mayor Pete. The youngest of the candidates and a great representation of our changing world. Just last November, a tweetstorm surfaced showing Buttigieg eating a cinnamon roll like a chicken wing. He took a lot of heat for it, but I think it shows his true character. A candidate like no other, Pete has the potential to evoke real change in this big, scary world.

What now?

While we don't know who the 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee is yet, I hope you took away something (more?) important. At a time of maximum divisiveness in this country, we can choose to be sad, but at the end of the day, coming together over a universally happy subject will make everyone feel a little better. So, grab an ice cream cone or a bagel or whatever snack you love and buckle up for the wild ride ahead. And don't forget to spread some love and kindness!