All in all, BoJack Horseman is pretty vile. He curses, drinks, and does drugs like there’s no tomorrow. But luckily, he’s a foodie too. Whether he’s eating toaster strudel, apple fritters, or vomiting some combination of cotton candy and alcohol, it’s all about the food.

There are some pretty weird foods in this people-populated, animal-populated world. In honor of the season 2 release on Netflix on July 17, take a look at what oddly named food you are in BoJack’s world.

  1. What's the state of your room?

  2. What's your major?

  3. How did you celebrate your last birthday?

  4. Favorite fruit?

  5. What's your worst quality?

  6. If you could dye your hair any color, which?

  7. You're a:

  8. Favorite movie genre?

  9. Bedtime snack?

  10. Who's your favorite BoJack character?