If you have ever looked at a beer menu at a bar or restaurant in the Mitten, you could probably tell how proud Michiganders are of the booming craft brewery industry that has taken off in recent years.

From the havens of Short’s of Bellaire and Dark Horse of Marshall, to Founders of Grand Rapids and everywhere in-between, the talented brewers of our state are focusing on small batches and local ingredients that produce the best beer imaginable for consumers.

Summer is near, and what better way to celebrate than with a Michigan made beverage? With so many magnificent options available, it can be difficult to pick the perfect pint.

If you want to dive in to Michigan brews as the temperature and hemlines start to rise, but don’t know where to begin, this quiz is for you. We have narrowed the field from hundreds, to six of our favorite choices that will keep you satisfied all summer long.

  1. What is your favorite style of brew?

  2. You're next in line for karaoke, whats your go to song?

  3. If you had to describe yourself in one word, you would choose

  4. Which flavors sound most appealing to you?

  5. What is your all time favorite bar snack?

  6. Your perfect summer day would be spent

  7. What's your spirit animal?

  8. What's your ideal drinking location?

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