Vine may be dead, but there are still a few iconic ones that live inside us all. Quoting our favorites every day just won't do it anymore. If you have ever found yourself adding “9+10” to equal 21, or told your friend to “get out me car”, read on to find out which iconic vine you are based on your favorite Thanksgiving dish! 

The Turkey

Should we just stop now? Everyone is constantly talking about you and how amazing you are. Can they just shut up already? We get it. You are the almighty. A true icon. The best of the best. You are Ms.Keisha.

Mashed Potatoes

You are confident and important. Everyone does nothing but stare you down the moment you arrive. The little things don't bother you because you know what really matters in life. People all over admire how you never let anyone take advantage of you. Above all, you is definitely thicker than a bowl of oatmeal.


People know not to mess with you because you could probably end their life in 140 characters or less. You were born to tell it like it is and always offer the best advice. Seriously... you might as well be twitter famous at this point. People live by your tweets even when they're just complaining about that annoying guy in history class. You are also a great listener and your friends come to you for absolutely everything and anything. Most likely to take full control of a school project. Remember, only the realest, stuff their face with stuffing.

Mac n' Cheese

You are the reason everyone comes to Thanksgiving dinner. You have the best style and are always up to date with the latest trends and news. #WOKEAF. You can literally do whatever the hell you want and people will still respect the hell out of you. People may say you have big dreams but the world is your oyster. You know you have the ability to accomplish anything you set your mind to. All around a great human. A true 10/10. Three words: Who. Is. She.

Green Bean Casserole

There's not much to say here. Just like green bean casserole, you're really just... ok.

Fancy Salad

You're honestly a lot to handle but you know how to get the party started. Some people may say you're extra af but at the end of the day, you know you got it going on. You don't let anyone ever disrespect you because you are strong and independent and don't need anyone. If you're ever feeling down, just put on an extravagant outfit and make an appearance somewhere. Wherever you go, you know they'll be waiting. OOOooOoOoh you fancy huh?

Candied Yams

The absolute sweetest. You always look good and smell great. You put other people before yourself and probably like to donate to charity or something. But unfortunately, sometimes people can only handle you in small amounts. This doesn't bother you though because people know that you're truly the best kind of person with the biggest heart. 

Corn Bread

You're soft and mushy yet strong as hell. Everyone loves you and can't get enough of you. Not only are you a genuine, kind soul, but your work ethic and determination make you a true hero. Definitely involved in your community and have hella friends. Even though you really are the coolest person around town, you use this to your advantage and are secretly planning ways to take over the world. 

Cranberry Sauce

People either REALLY love you or they REALLY hate you. You're good when you're with your friends but when you're by yourself you sometimes feel really lonely. It's okay! There are some people out there who would die for you. You don't mind this because you know that life is about quality over quality.

Pumpkin Pie

It's simple: you're the icing on the cake. When you walk in a room, heads turn, mouths drop, and doves fly (maybe).

I hope these vines brought you back to the golden days, but more importantly, I hope you stuff your face like never before. Happy Thanksgiving!