If you're a devoted How I Met Your Mother fan (and if you aren't, you should be), you've probably been distraught since the finale back in 2014.

Now is a great time to console yourself by re-watching the Halloween episodes, laughing at their homemade costumes, and eating your favorite Halloween candy. But which character are you? 

Butterfingers: Ted Mosby 

Sweet and sometimes naive like Ted, you often find things slipping through your fingers. However, no matter the challenge that life throws at you, you are continuously determined and (sometimes overly) optimistic.

A hopeless romantic and perfectionist at heart, you find yourself being all-too picky when it comes to your love life—but will it pay off.

A Box of Chocolates: Lily Aldrin 

Not a Halloween candy, huh? It is if you say it is! You are a natural born leader, despite the fact that you are relentlessly unpredictable. Like Forrest Gump once said, “You never know what you’re gonna get.” One day, your heart might be set on being a teacher, and the next you’re planning a big move to Rome. 

Airheads: Marshall Eriksen

While you can be extremely book smart (#lawyered), you also lack some major common sense. If taking apart your TV to build a robot sounds more fun to you than it does dumb, you're a Marshall. Despite all of this, you are fun to be around and totally lovable, not to mention a great friend.

100 Grand Bar: Barney Stinson 

No matter where you go, you exude confidence and style. You may have had some rough times in your childhood, but that didn’t stop you from becoming rich and famous. You love to be flirty, but deep down, very deep down, you are a hopeless romantic.

Sour Patch Kids: Robin Scherbatsky

A juxtaposition of emotions, you are confusing yet entrancing. You can snap at moment’s notice—so beware all those who try to get close. You are intensely independent, but enjoy a nice cuddle from time to time. Sometimes, you don't know what you want—but listen to your heart and you'll always find the right path.

          Happy Halloween!