Halo Top continues to be all the rage, coming out with new flavors consistently to maintain their spot as America's most popular grocery pint. But what flavor should you be trying? Follow your horoscope to find out which taste test should be next on your list.

Scorpio: Sea salt caramel

You're brave—a bold new flavor has never scared you. And your stubborn nature comes out when you make all of your friends to eat sea salt ice cream until it becomes mainstream. You actually made fetch happen.

Pisces: Gingerbread house

Compassionate and artistic, you're always looking for a creative way to bring feelings of home to life. This Gingerbread House ice cream fits your cozy, nurturing self to a T.

Aries: Black cherry

Your confident nature comes through in powerful packs of personality, and your aggressiveness really just means you're a go-getter. Nothing pairs better with your plans for world domination like a strong Black Cherry flavor.

Capricorn: Cookies and cream

Known for being responsible and disciplined, you need a flavor that will do you right. Simple, dependable, and deliciously predictable, Cookies & Cream turns out to be just right.

Sagittarius: Cinnamon roll

You're idealistic—you've imagined the perfect dessert, and it somehow combines your favorite cinnamon roll treat with a generous scoop of ice cream. So go ahead and try this pint, your dream come true.

Gemini: Caramel macchiato

Curious and quick-witted, you need a scoop that'll keep up with you from start to finish. The coffee ice cream base is the high-energy punch you need, and the caramel swirls bring a satisfying layer of intrigue.

Cancer: Red velvet

You tend to be emotional, but in a loyal, fight for those you care about sort of way. Red Velvet is a flavor that can easily go right or wrong, satisfying your need for a bit of excitement in uncertainty.

Libra: Birthday cake

Libras are known to be cooperative yet indecisive. So naturally, you connect with a flavor that can't quite decide if it's a cake or an ice cream. Luckily, the flavors works either way.

Virgo: Mint chip

You're a loyal, practical thinker. You need a flavor that's consistent, always an option and always tasty. Mint Chip is a classic, and it's fairly difficult to mess up.

Leo: Lemon cake

Creative and generous, you like to think outside the box and please those around you. Naturally, the unique Lemon Cake flavor calls to you—and you're happy to share.

Taurus: Chocolate chip cookie dough

You're reliable and patient, ready to wait for the ice cream to soften to just the right consistency. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is a flavor you know, and always love. Waiting for the perfect texture is well worth the extra time.

Aquarius: Pancakes & waffles

Always looking for new possibilities, the world is yours for exploring. You need an ingenious, unique flavor, and Pancakes & Waffles is for you. It's at least worth a try, right?

It's hard to go wrong when experimenting with ice cream flavors. Especially with a brand as popular as Halo Top. But with the stars as your guide, you should feel even more confident that the world is guiding you in the right delicious direction.