Finding a costume for a Halloween party is hard enough. With outrageous amounts of options from inflatable dinosaurs to a cheap knock off of a certain boy wizard with a weather themed scar, someone could go mad trying to figure out what they want to be for Halloween. Figuring out what to take to a Halloween party shouldn't be as difficult as the costume you've donned. Here's the treat for you then; you can now find out which Halloween candy to bring to a party based on your costume! Just check what category your costume fits in, then go to your nearest grocery store and pick up the candy associated with it. By doing this, you are definitely "hallowinning"!

Out From The Screen  

Jessica Clermont

Dressing up as a character from Stranger Things is a totally tubular idea, as well as putting on a skintight Spider-Man suit or affixing a lightsaber to your side. Getting invested in a movie or television show is a big ordeal (in my case, it was the Wednesday Addams). You could even say being involved may open a can of worms on your life. For this reason the obvious choice to bring to a Halloween party are gummy worms! 

These deliciously wonderful treats come in so many different types and flavors that they make the perfect combination of Halloween fun and shareable dessert, so you can gush about that twist ending with a twisty candy.

Dazzling Fairytale 

Bibbidi- boppidi- boo! For one night only, you've been transformed into Cinderella, or Aladdin, or Little Red Riding Hood. No mater what fairytale character you are, the only magical wish you need is what candy you're going to bring to that fateful Halloween party. Luckily, your wish is my command and poof, your problem is solved. For any fairytale costume, the food solution is to bring a bag of M&M's! 

Jessica Clermont

The Mars Co. food is the perfect treat for any Halloween party with it's colorful candy that melts in your mouth and not your hand. This option is the best for any fairytale costume because the plentiful colors can let you spread the magic as you share it with all of your friends.

Grab Your Time Machine

Hop in that DeLorean and turn the back the clock! Whether you've smeared on crazy makeup to showcase the '80's, donned your nicest poodle skirt, or fastened a feather headband as a flapper, a decades costume is the cat's meow. As you're doing the Time Warp with your costume, you need to find the best candy to go with it. The perfect pairing for your OG costume is with the OG Halloween candy: Candy Corn.

Jessica Clermont

It's sickly sweet taste and adorable tri-color appearance brings a smile (and a slight case of diabetes) to those who eat it, but it's a wonderful candy for bringing on the Halloween spirit and a sure hit any party!

Supernatural Haunts

A member of the undead or a toilet-paper clad Ancient Egyptian is a super way to give partygoers a good scare. Now all you need is the perfect candy to go with your spooktastic outfit. Among the witch hats and vampire fangs, the world's best chocolate sandwich cookie is the only reasonable choice to bring.

Jessica Clermont

That's right, Oreos are the most idyllic option of candy to take; the chocolatey outside is the perfect representation of the ghoulish delights in store with your costume. The sweet creme on the inside is the flip side of your outfit, the Dr. Jekyll to your Mr. Hyde.


All in all, your Halloween costume is sure to wow and impress your fellow party-goers. And know you now know which Halloween candy to bring to a party based on your costume! The only thing left to do now is to pop over to the nearest convenience store, pick up either gummy worms, M&M's, candy corn, or Oreo's, and go to that party like you own Halloween.