Who is Alexa Matthews?

Alexa is a food influencer making a difference! She is a born and raised New Yorker and the founder of @EatingNYC. Not only does she run a successful and growing Instagram account with over 300,000 followers, but she also has a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter. Her website features weekly blog articles and a food guide that allows users to search the NYC restaurant scene by neighborhood, price and cuisine. Alexa also recently launched a monthly newsletter that recaps everything new on her website as well as relevant food news in and around NYC. 

What Makes @EatingNYC Unique?

What makes Alexa so unique is her passion for providing followers with her genuine opinion of restaurants in NYC. Alexa has a strong background in restaurant hospitality and marketing, providing her with a unique insight to the industry setting her apart from others. Unlike most influencers, Alexa does not accept money for the restaurants she visits, because she wants to give people her honest opinion. Another aspect that makes Alexa’s account unique is that all of her photos are captured with her iphone. (That’s right, no bulky camera equipment or lighting necessary).

Beyond the Screen

This past fall, Alexa organized a bake sale at the Freehand Hotel where all the proceeds went to @nokidhungry, an organization that works to end childhood hunger in America. She is also launching a talk show, “StrEAT Talk,” in collaboration with media company @Purewow, which currently lives on their Instagram stories and IG TV. The series features her commentary about some of her favorite spots around NYC.

More Than Followers

As a current intern of Alexa’s, I identify with her passion for food and for people. Working with Alexa has taught me so much about the food industry. I’ve gotten to be a part of social media management, blog writing and amazing events with other influencers, writers, chefs and so on. (Speaking of influencers, here is an article ft. some top food and health influencers). What I appreciate about Alexa is that at the end of the day, the most important thing is the human connection that food provides. It can be easy to get caught up in the VIP events and all of the free food, but her passion for connecting with her followers and friends is what makes her such an influential leader and role model. Alexa is a food influencer making a difference one dish at a time.