In the last few years, fitness trackers have grown in popularity. With so many brands and styles on the market, it may be hard to pick out the most accurate one. After some research, here's what I found out about the accuracy of some more popular trackers, sorted by the three main features. 


Aly Sebold

In terms of step count, according to a study done by CNBC, the Fitbit Charge HR was most accurate. However, they said that all of the trackers tested were within 4% of the actual amount of steps taken, so the difference between trackers wasn't too huge.

Heart Rate

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Victoria Piranian

In a study performed by Cleveland Clinic, participants were hooked up to an EKG machine, which measures heart rate. Then, their results were compared to the readings from their trackers. 

The most accurate tracker turned out to be the Apple Watch, which matched the machine's readings with 90% accuracy.

Calories Burned

Melanee Piskai

A study published in the International Journal of Cardiology found that the Fitbit trackers were the most accurate when measuring total calories burned. 

In fact, they tracked calories burned within 3-4 calories, compared to lab values. However, scientists say to be wary of these values. Depending on the type of exercise, the trackers may underestimate total calories burned.

The Takeaway

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Cassidy Zimmerman

Choosing the right fitness tracker can be difficult. With so many features, no tracker is going to be the best at everything. The best way to pick one is to think about what features are most important for you, and choose based on those. 

Whatever tracker you decide, it's a great tool to help you make healthy decisions and motivate you to exercise. No matter which of the many features is most important to you, a fitness tracker is a great asset to leading a healthy lifestyle.