Thanksgiving is upon us, which means Friendsgiving is even closer! Before going home for the holiday, impress your friends with the dish you make. Even if you're the kind of person to mess up toast, we've got you covered! It's important to know your cooking ability before attempting any of these recipes! Your friends will wish they could cook like you!

Tricky Recipes for the Master Chef Friend


Turkey is the essential Thanksgiving dish, but definitely the hardest one to prepare. Only the Gordon Ramsey of your friend group should even be attempting the turkey. But, this roast turkey recipe may make it a little bit easier. If you really want to try making this, I suggest you grab a friend or two to help! We're in college, everyone loves a group project. 


Stuffing is one of those "what am I eating right now" yet "this tastes so good" kind of dishes. Honestly, I don't even know what stuffing really is, but I do know that I always go back for seconds and definitely thirds. Stuffing can be a little tricky, especially because there are just so many ingredients you can throw in. It gets even harder if you decide to put the stuffing inside the turkey, but maybe save that one for your home-cooked Thanksgiving. Combine two classics with this cornbread stuffing recipe!

Pecan Pie

There is no Thanksgiving without pie, and the options are endless. Even if you think that one more bite of something will make you burst, there's always room for dessert. This pecan pie recipe will be a huge hit at your Friendsgiving. Even your friend that's allergic to nuts will want to try - but don't let her!

Recipes for the Friends who like to Cook

Sweet Potato Casserole

Is it a side dish or a dessert? Either way, I'm eating this until it's gone. Sweet potato casserole is a must-have dish on any Friendsgiving table. This recipe is pretty simple, especially if you're comfortable in the kitchen. 

#SpoonTip: If you don't have a food processor, throw those potatoes into the blender!

Green Bean Casserole

If I'm being honest, the first time I had green bean casserole was at my own Friendsgiving dinner a few nights ago. Now that I've had it, I understand the appeal. Crispy fried onions. This recipe is perfect if you want something savory and creamy for your table. The only hard part is not eating all the fried onions before you make the casserole. 

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are one of the most underrated dishes of Thanksgiving. Don't miss out on this amazing recipe for your Friendsgiving. Mashed potatoes really aren't too tricky to make. It is really important to make sure you mash them completely though, you don't want chunky potatoes. 

Pumpkin Pie

One pie is just not enough. Pumpkin pie is the essence of this holiday - sweet, smooth, and with a little spice. This pumpkin chiffon pie recipe is going to steal the show at Friendsgiving. Honestly, you should probably double your ingredients and make two of them, they're that good. With a graham cracker crust and homemade whipped cream, all your friends will be begging you to bake for them forever. 

Roasted Veggies

It can never hurt to have a nice mix of roasted veggies on your Friendsgiving table. If you're not great with the oven, don't volunteer for this one! Anytime you're making roasted veggies it's so important to watch them so they reach the perfect level of crisp without burning. This balsamic herb recipe will introduce some new flavors to your meal. 

Simple Recipes for the Friend Showing Off

Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese wasn't always part of Turkey Day, but I'm so happy it joined the party. Almost anyone can make a box of mac and cheese, but step up your game and make it homemade! This recipe is perfect - combining the best cheeses with delicious breadcrumbs. I'm just gonna say it. Baked is better than boxed. 


I'm honestly not sure if cornbread is supposed to replace having rolls with dinner. Can we have both? Thank you Paula Deen for this really simple cornbread recipe. We are all thankful. 

For the Friend Who Really Shouldn't Cook


I guess we should pretend to be really healthy during Friendsgiving and throw a salad on our tables. Whatever, this salad tastes amazing so it doesn't even matter! The blend of pomegranates, pears, brie, and pecans is perfect for a late autumn meal. 

#SpoonTip: If you're preparing ahead of time, put the dressing on the side so the salad doesn't get soggy. 

Cheese Plate

Of course any big gathering requires the perfect cheese plate. Recently, I have been totally obsessed with @thatcheeseplate. Their cheese plates look absolutely amazing and they aren't even too hard to make! No cooking necessary, just a keen eye for aesthetically appealing food. Follow @cheesebynumbers too so you can see the method behind this cheese turkey!


We all have that one friend that can't even make toast or eggs. It's best to assign this friend to wine duty! And if this friend is you, at least you get to decide how many bottles to buy. If you want to mix things up this year, try making apple cider fireball sangria.

Happy Thanksgiving!