The question that has bugged philosophers for centuries has finally been answered, which cuisine are you based on your astrological sign?

Every cuisine has its own unique character, and, when you look at it a certain way, those characteristics line up with various points of the astrological signs. Read this article to find out if you are as spicy as Indian cuisine or as bold and creative as the Modernist cuisine. You can find out if your significant other is your ‘butter’ half and could invent a fusion dish based on your zodiac signs’ corresponding cuisines. It could be fantastic — or a complete disaster. Perhaps it IS written in the stars or cooked in the kitchen.

Aries- Chinese

China has one of the most diverse mixes of cultures and cuisines in the world. Likewise, Aries are one of the most diverse signs with fiery passion and amazing leadership skills.

In Chinese traditional culture, the opposites of yin and yang must always be kept in balance. This same balance extends to food. When cooking, the Chinese try to balance different colors, tastes, textures and smells. This focus has paid off and made Chinese cuisine one of the world’s finest. Similarly, Aries have a fine balance of confidence and honesty.

Aries are adventurous by nature, and unafraid of new, often underrated cuisines. It helps that a lot of Chinese food is spicy and fiery, just like Aries. Aries truly are the Crazy Rich Asians of the Zodiac circle!

Taurus- Greek

Tauruses are traditionalists, first and foremost. Likewise, Greek food dates back thousands of years and is rooted in traditions. Many common Greek dishes have unknown origins because they have been around so long. In Greece, visitors can expect fresh herbs, olive oil and feta. Pork and lamb are common meat choices because many of the islands are too small to host cattle. These practical and responsible choices have made Greek food into the perfect fit for Tauruses who are also stable and practical.

Gemini- American

Geminis are playful by nature, and willing to try a lot of different things — but on their own terms; likewise, with so many cultures moving in and out of the country, American food encompasses a range of different dining styles. In Chicago, the deep-dish pizza has become famous. Texas has five-alarm chili while the Pacific Northwest is home to microbreweries and coffee. American foods play with flavors from different cuisines, be it sriracha or cotija cheese. The best spotlight for American cuisine is brunch, where talkative Geminis can chat for hours over Indian-spiced bloody marys and the like.

Cancer- Caribbean

Cancers are known for being sweet people, and in the Caribbean, even the hot Scotch bonnet pepper — the native chile — is slightly sweet. Caribbean food is a mixture of African cuisine and local delicacies. This food contains an impressive array of peppers and tropical fruits. From fried plantains to salt fish, Caribbean food is a welcome change from European and Mediterranean dishes. This cuisine puts a strong focus on using foods like leafy green veggies, goat meat, sweet potatoes, rice, peas and coconut. Just like this cuisine, Cancers are highly imaginative.

Leo- Modernist

Leos are creative, bold, and enjoy being the center of attention, much like the molecular cuisine championed by geniuses like Ferran Adrià, José Andrés, and Heston Blumenthal. Potato chip foam? Cocktails with mango air? The more scene-stealing, the better.

Virgo- Japanese

Virgos are neat and meticulous, like a plate of sashimi or the mindfully organized setup of a bento box. Each meal is meticulously prepared and exceptionally delicious. And Virgos are known for their hard working, analytical dispositions. Even better, Japanese restaurants often serve oolong or green tea. What better way for a Virgo to relax than to have a warm cup of tea and relax after a day of hard work!

Libra- Italian

Libras are diplomatic (think of how Italian food is enjoyed in almost every country), and make an effort to be likeable. Well, who doesn’t like Italian food? Like accommodating Libras, most Italian restaurants have options for vegetarians and people who can’t handle spice.

Scorpio- French

Say Oui, Oui to French cuisine! Five-star chefs are often trained in French cooking. And Scorpios exude the allure of fine French food. Scorpios are traditionalists, first and foremost, so hearty items like confit du canard, hachis parmentier, and other must-try foods in France, which have been cooked and perfected without much variation for a long time, are the perfect fit for their persona.

Sagittarius- Indian

Sagittarius loves adventure, and Indian food covers so many different flavors, from the meaty tandoori dishes of the North to the vegan rice platters of the South. Sagittarius is represented by a centaur because people under this sign have two conflicting ways of being: the philosophical human and the aggressive horse. Well, conflicting flavors is why people like Indian food, according to science.

Capricorn- Thai

Over the last decade, Thai food has grown in popularity. Hands down, the most popular dish is pad thai. This cuisine focuses on a lot of herbs and offers a range of sweet, sour, spicy and bitter tastes. It focuses on fresh herbs, so this cuisine always has a vivid flavor. Capricorns are known for being responsible and diligent, and Thai food with its delicate balance of spices is a perfect match for them!

Aquarius- Mexican

Aquarians are anything but dull, and Mexican food bursts with flavor and color. Mexican food is a common favorite cuisine in America. From chili con carne to enchiladas, spicy Mexican dishes are a popular choice, just like our fellow Aquarians. Aquarius men and women also tend to be very popular, and, well, so are tacos.

Pisces- Spanish

Spanish cuisine is exceptional because it limits spices. Instead of hiding the flavor of a dish with cumin, chilies or pepper, it only uses enough spice to bring out the natural flavor of the food. Pisces are known for their intuitive wisdom, being the oldest sign in the Zodiac circle. These snack-sized dishes can be made of basically anything and only cost a couple of euros. Before siesta, Spaniards can stop in a local cafe and get a glass of wine and a tapa for merely a couple of euros. Pisces, who are compassionate and accommodative make a good match for Spanish cuisine!