2016 has been a year of many ups and downs, and with Christmas coming at the end of the year, let's reflect on just how good or bad we have been. These cookie ideas will help you stay on that nice list for Santa because, why would you want to end your year on the naughty list? 

If you have been an angel....

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Scott Harrington

You can get away with making a simple chocolate chip cookie. No need for any complicated cookies, you got this in the bag (Santa's bag that is). Here is a simple and quick chocolate chip cookie recipe, which will save you time to celebrate being so good this year. 

If you have been decent....

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Isabelle Langheim

Try making sugar cookies. Another classic that can add that last bit of extra sugar to the mix. This will definitely move you up onto the nice list. It might take a little more time and effort, but trust me, it will be worth it. Here is a recipe that you can start working on now! 

If you have been naughty..

chocolate, sweet, candy, milk, cream, goody, coffee
Robert Sciambra

You have a lot to make up for this year, so try making these double chocolate cookie sandwiches. These sandwiches should definitely make Santa check his list twice and move you up. Yes there are some more steps, but they are still so easy to make and you should do anything you can to make sure you're on the nice list. 

Hopefully, these cookie recipes will help bring your name to the top of Santa's nice list!