Every student at Ohio State appreciates the comfort and taste of Buckeye Donuts. Always open, Buckeye Donuts can be found filled with students in the morning before class, after dinner for dessert, or late at night for some drunchies. Buckeye Donuts, just like student organizations, is a staple in every OSU student's life. Find out which flavor you are based on your involvement. 

OUAB (Ohio Union Activities Board): Apple Fritter

OUAB is just like a fritter. Lots of variety. 

Honors and Scholars Students: Oldfashioned

Honors and scholars students are too caught up in the books to care about donut toppings. 

Greek Life: Chocolate Raised

A classic donut for a classic part of college. 

USG (Undergraduate Student Government): French Cruller

USG is pretty elite, just like the French Cruller. Next year let's vote for the candidate campaigning for free donuts on the oval. 

Buckeyethon: Red Velvet

Just like Buckeyethon, red velvet donuts don't last forever. Join and get one while they last. 

Club/Intramural Sport: Glazed

Possibly overlooked, but still a great time. 

Business Fraternity: Bowties

Complex and professional. Are we talking business frat or bowtie donuts?

The Lantern: Devil's Food Cake

It would be cool to read The Lantern while eating one of these. Just a thought.  

Buck-I-SERV: Vanilla Bismark

Seriously check this out. Buck-I-Serv and vanilla bismarks need more attention. 

Block O: THE Buckeye Donut

Could they be any more buckeye? Maybe Block O should start catering Buckeye donuts on game day. #GoBucks