Students have the luxury of knowing where they'll live at UD next fall before they even know what they're doing this Saturday night. Choosing where to live at UD takes on another level of stress. There's Udwell to help narrow down the many options and an abundance of apartment complexes to choose from. Maybe you'll end up wherever you can find a place to put your mattress.

If you're still looking for the perfect place to live, here's how to decide where to live at UD based off of what you'll be eating or drinking most while you live there.

Coffee Lovers—Amstel

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Casey Irwin

Some people are okay with a simple Keurig K-cup every morning, but what some people really need is a quality cup of joe that no simple machine can master. Amstel provides you with coffee thanks to Saxbys being right underneath. Their great rewards system will relieve that rent stress just enough until your next caffeine fix can calm your nerves. You'll also be saving a ton of money by not sipping on pricey Starbucks.

Health Nuts—One Easton

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One Easton will give any health-conscious person the best of both worlds with quick access to Newark's Natural Foods and a long walk to all of your classes. Colorful and open floor plans add to the experience that One Easton is creating for its residents, not to mention the fully equipped gym.

Five Star Chef—Chimney Ridge

Casey Irwin

Chimney Ridge may be a little more off the map, but the gorgeous kitchens are worth the hike. Granite counter tops and cabinets fit for empty bottles, Chimney Ridge pulled out all of the stops for any homebody chef.  Make some friends and cook up the best meals you can.

Eat Out or Take Out—Cleveland Avenue

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Renting a house on Cleveland Avenue gives students a wide array of food and drink options. Spend the day away at a dage, but give the delivery guy an easy route for whatever main street dish you're craving.

Microwave Master—The Towers

Casey Irwin

Keeping it simple is just what some people want and need, and The Towers will help you do just that. No time for take out and no homemade cravings. Just pop your Kraft mac and cheese in the provided microwave, or do your take of Kylie Jenner's Ramen with a cup-o-noodles. No need to bother with what they call the kitchen if you really don't want to.

Choosing where to live at UD is like choosing a restaurant to eat at. You aren't stuck there forever, but you really want to make sure that you enjoy it while you're there. Take all of your options into account but don't wait until everything is gone.