We all know that W.I.L.D. isn’t just about the music… it’s about achieving the perfect darty (day party) and then, of course, satisfying the post-W.I.L.D. drunchies with some late-night eats. Whether you’re all about pounding the shots or would rather “wine” yourself through the day, you’ll likely finish the day eating your heart out. Take this quiz to discover where your Spring W.I.L.D. adventure will take you after the concert, whether it’s the spicy Seoul Taco or the chill FroYo.

  1. What time are you waking up on the day of W.I.L.D.?

  2. What time will you start drinking?

  3. What are your day plans?

  4. What is your drink of choice?

  5. What is your late night BD favorite?

  6. Are you expecting to make it to the concert this year?

  7. Who is your ideal W.I.L.D. headliner?

  8. What do you think the Saturday morning after W.I.L.D. will be like?