Just because we're all broke college kids, doesn't mean we don't know a good drink when we chug one. Everyone has their special alcoholic beverage and no matter what you like to sip on, you can guarantee Tally will be serving your favorite drink — even if it's Natty Light.  


The only thing better than beer, is beer by the pitcher and Pot's has got you covered with $6 Beer pitchers all year round.

If you're looking for something a little more classy, Township is the place to be. Beer snobs you will not be disappointed — the beer menu looks more like a novel. 

Vodka Water with Lime

If you order a Vodka Water with Lime, you're definetly a Recess-goer. Not only are you willing to trade in those sugary mixers for some water and fruit, but the journey up the Recess stairs is no match for your healthy lifestyle.


Nothing like a fish bowl sized Margarita with extra salt on the rim. If you love your Margs, then Cancun's is the spot, because they are BOGO all day, every day! 

Frozen Piña Colada and Strawberry Daiquiris

Missing the beach while in Tally?

Well, Room 21V is serving Frozen Piña Coladas and Strawberry Daiquiris that will turn the sweaty dance floor into a white sandy beach paradise.  

You'll Drink Anything 

If you're just trying to let lit, The Strip is the place to go for "all you can drink" of whatever the bartender feels like pouring. It's the best way to bar hop on a budget because for just $10 you can get unlimited drinks anywhere on The Strip. 


Downing Tequila shots with a lime wedge at Tequila Tribe is something special. I mean, the name says it all.

Pre-game at Tequila tribe before heading over to Room 21V right next door — and post-game with some chips and queso afterward. 

Shots on Shots on Shots

If you like to dramatically take shots like they do in the movies, then Tabu Nightclub will be the play. The employees at Tabu keep trays of $1 shots coming all night, so you don't even need to stumble to the bar to buy one — or five. 


Why settle for a classy Mimosa, when you can take advantage of Coliseum's $15 champagne bottle special? Share it with friends, or just drink the entire bottle by yourself — either way you'll be showered in champagne by the end of the night.

Bloody Mary

If you're a morning drinker, theres no doubt a Bloody Mary will be on your brunch table.

When in Tally, Madison Social is the ultimate brunch spot. So, cure that nasty Coliseum hangover with Madso's perfectly spicy Bloody Mary.

The drink options in Tally are endless, whatever you're in the mood for you can best believe we have your favorite drink — bottoms up.