With the hot and humid weather already among us in Tallahassee, there's no better way to cool off than with a big, fresh açai bowl. Apart from their aesthetically pleasing aspect, they're a great way to eat healthy without being conscious of it. Whether you're looking for a bowl to match your Instagram feed or a restaurant that's walking distance from campus, these locations have got you covered. 

The Good Berry

Evident from the picture above, The Good Berry is the place to go for aesthetically pleasing açai bowls. Their whiteboard type ordering sheets give you the opportunity to customize your bowl any way you desire without feeling shameful about it. Plus, they just opened up a new, trendy location on Gay Street right under the Catalyst apartments. The bright green turf and quaint white tables and chairs make for the ultimate food photo op.

Vale Food Co.

When it comes to açai, there's no one that does it like Vale! Apart from the generous serving sizes you can order your açai in, their toppings are endless. Since Vale has a focus on the latest healthy food trends, they're always offering fresh, new ingredients that their customers can try out. Their newest is paçoca, which is a light peanut butter powder that tastes just like the real thing.

3 Natives

Originally founded in Tequesta, Florida, they recently just opened their own location here in Tallahassee this past January. Apart from offering an array of ingredients for your açai, this healthy cafe is adamant about being eco-friendly. All their ingredients are bought daily from local vendors so you're never getting fruit that's been frozen for weeks. 

AXIOS Lifestyle Spa

If you're looking for a more luxurious way of enjoying açai, then AXIOS is the place for you. Not only do they sell delicious smoothies, juices, and açai bowls, but they also offer exclusive spa treatments. Apart from having the opportunity to get a massage followed by enjoying a fresh bowl of açai, they even offer a chocolate açai bowl version that'll satisfy your sweet craving without making you feel guilty about it

There's no need to restrict yourself when it comes to açai. Especially now that the days are getting hotter and more humid. With the never-ending ingredients you can put on your bowl, the possibilities of creating new ones each time you order are endless! Some focus on their photogenic appeal, while others are packed with the latest food trends everyone is trying at the moment. No matter what your preference is, these places will cater to your every need.