If you were in high school, you'd probably be preparing for a big holiday feast right about now. Passover and Easter are two celebrations where food is essential. Nothing bonds you closer to your loved ones than sitting around a table piled with food that will end up in very full bellies not too long after it's set down. Our relatives have their signature dishes that we look forward to every year.

Your holiday weekend in college might not be similar to what it was like at home. Not everyone has the privilege of going home this weekend. Some people live too far and don't want to spend money on flights or buses home. Some people can't afford to lose any precious studying time so close to finals.

Luckily, you can chow down for Passover and Easter right here in Gainesville. Give your celebratory meals your own college kid spin, and check out these places.

Destiny EGGstravaganza

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Danielle Chandler

Easter is not Easter without an Easter egg hunt. Get your fill of chocolate bunnies and other sweets at the Destiny Community Church EGGstravaganza. Just because you're in college doesn't mean you're too old to channel your inner child and run around for those colorful eggs.

The event will take place on the Destiny Community Church Property on Newberry Road from 11 to 1 p.m. on April 20. There will be food, snowcones and eggs, in addition to fun carnival games and attractions. The event is completely free and open to anyone who's interested. Have a fun day with your friends here, even if it's not your traditional way of spending Easter.

East End Eatery

East End Eatery pulls out all the stops with their yummy Easter dishes every year! They have brunch every Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., and they won't be closing this Sunday. This year they are preparing a special ham dish and traditional sides like brussels sprouts.

East End Eatery has vegetarian, vegan and other eco-friendly options, so everyone is welcome to have a fabulous meal! The whole atmosphere of the restaurant feels comfortable, just like home. This makes it the perfect place to settle down for a relaxing Easter brunch when you might be feeling a little homesick.

Lubavitch Chabad at UF

Ally Golden

One of the best places to celebrate Passover in a more religious way without sacrificing any of your food needs is at UF's Chabad. The Seders (traditional Passover meal) at Chabad are completely free with the option to give a donation. They will take place on the nights of April 20 and 21. 

Here you will be served a full meal, featuring a complete Seder plate and the traditional four glasses of wine (if you are of legal age). Spend your night singing, praying and, most importantly, eating. Ditch the carbs and fill your stomach with Matzah. Make sure to RSVP because space is tight at Chabad with all of the demand to attend the Seders!

Midtown Deli

Midtown Deli is right in the heart of midtown Gainesville across the street from the UF campus where you can get your Jewish food this weekend. You won't find everything you'll need to have a full traditional Seder, but they have some of the staples. It's not a Jewish holiday without matzah ball soup, and Midtown Deli can hook you up. Pair that with their classic Reuben or pastrami sandwich.

Seating is tight, so grab your food and take it to go. You can have a picnic or throw your own alternate Seder right at home in your dorm room or apartment.

If you were feeling down about missing your family dinners and celebrations this holiday season, turn that frown upside down. Head out to one of these locales to be happy and well-fed this weekend!