It is no surprise that Berkeley, renowned for its sustainable and delicious food culture, is home to some of the Bay Area's best granolas. All locally crafted, these granolas are guaranteed to elevate your oats game far beyond those in your average supermarket. Whether you enjoy granola on yogurt, or simply eat it by the handful, the following cereals are sure to please anyone. Each has its own unique composition, flavor, and ingredients, and you're going to want them all day long.

In case you don't want to venture out too far, the first two granolas are easily found at Berkeley Bowl, Safeway, and Safeway Community Markets. The last two are only found at the shops in which they are made.

Café Fanny

Holly Park

In 1984, Alice Waters, founder of the famous Chez Panisse, opened a casual café called Café Fanny. Although the physical space has since closed, its spirit lives on through the "Café Fanny Granola," a packaged granola based off of the original from the cafe. This simple and subtly sweet granola, made with oats, almonds, sesame seeds and honey, is one of the best in Berkeley.

For delicious results, try it with milk or on top of yogurt and fresh fruit. The combination of protein from the dairy and healthy fats from the granola will satisfy your taste buds and hunger for hours on end. Check out all three varieties that include Original, Cran-Coconut, and Flaxseed.

Nut House! Granola Co.

Holly Park

This small batch granola hand-crafted in Richmond, California is hearty, fresh, and packed with roasted flavor. Just as its name suggests, this granola contains a generous mixture of pecans, almonds, and walnuts, along with raisins and coconut. Brown sugar, maple syrup, and a variety of spices create a complex profile and a balanced sweetness, which makes these oats ideal on their own.

The abundance of whole nuts and raisins makes it a hearty snack to take in your bag to class or on a hike. Given its higher level of sweetness, Nut House! Granola Co's granola shines most brightly alongside some plain Greek yogurt. You can find it in either the Original or Fennel-Orange flavors.

The Cheese Board Collective

Holly Park

Beyond its enticing pizzas, The Cheese Board Collective offers its "Killer Granola" in the cheese shop and bakery portion of its storefront along Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley. The granola is baked fresh daily and offered in generous bags large enough to satisfy both you and your roommate. It contains a basic mix of oats and almonds along with sesame seeds, which gives it a complex yet familiar flavor. 

The variety in oat cluster size makes it a great accompaniment with milk and yogurt. This granola isn't overly sweet, so pairing it with honey is an excellent move. You can only find it at The Cheese Board Collective, so grab a bag of granola and load up on some muffins and scones while you're there.


Holly Park

This bakery, located on Lakeshore Avenue in Oakland, offers a well-toasted, classically flavored granola. A sister cooperative of The Cheese Board Collective, it too sells granola in large bags alongside a wonderful array of pastries and breads. The Arizmendi granola has relatively small, uniform pieces with notes of honey and vanilla. It is best paired with milk as its vivid flavor would only clash with pronounced honeys and jams. You can find it at any of the Arizmendi locations.

Now that you know the best granolas in Berkeley, you can be the judge. Your new favorite cereal may be just around the corner and you might even be inspired to try different ingredient combinations and make your own. Follow the methods in this homemade crunchy granola recipe and create something inspired by your Berkeley granola trek. Whether you eat it, make it, or seek to try something new, the best granolas in Berkeley are awaiting your exploration.