November 5th is arguably the most important food holiday: National Doughnut Day. With such a wide range of doughnut shops to choose from in Kansas City, it can be hard to choose where you want to get your fluffy, sugary fix from. Whether you're feeling classic or adventurous, Kansas City has the doughnut shop for you.


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Allie Hicks

A new shop in the donut scene, Donutology gives customers the power to B.Y.O.D. (build your own donuts). The restaurant makes hundreds of mini donuts daily. Customers select what frosting, toppings, and drizzles top each donut, providing customers with all the power. Toppings include everything from crushed cookies and sprinkles to bacon and cereal bits. Customers can select multiple toppings or opt out of a topping or drizzle. Go crazy or keep it basic—the choice is ultimately yours.

Donutology keeps it local by featuring coffee from Kansas City's own Roasterie and milk from Shatto Farms. If customization isn't your thing, they provide a wide selection of glazed and cake donuts. Minis can be ordered in groups between three and thirty-five.

Here are a few of our recommendations:

Maple Bacon: White cake donut + Maple icing + bacon crumbles

Lemon Meringue Pie: White cake donut + buttercream frosting + lemon + graham cracker crumbs

Doughnut Lounge

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One of the trendier locations to celebrate the holiday, or any day. Doughnut Lounge is located in Westport in downtown Kansas City and features artisan donuts. Pair your treat with a handcrafted coffee or cocktail. Another speciality of Dougnut Lounge is their "noduts," a more savory twist on a sweet treat. Served only on weekends, "noduts" inlcude French toast, donuts and gravy, and an egg sandwich. 

Currently, the menu is fall-themed, with doughnuts such as hot buttered rum and pumpkin cheesecake being served daily. Many of their doughnuts are also gluten-free or vegan.

Doughnut Lounge promotes creativity, conversation, and collaboration. They also cater so gather your friends and throw a party to celebrate.

Fluffy Fresh Donuts

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Fluffy Fresh Donuts is a hidden treasure full of classic treats and twists. Located in Mission, Kansas, Fluffy Fresh opens at 5:00 am every day and is so worth the early wake up call. They feature many classic takes on glazed and cake donuts.

The cake donuts have nearly every topping imaginable from frosting, sprinkles, and chocolate chips to sugar and coconut. If for some reason none of that sounds appetizing, opt for a good old glazed or a cinnamon twist. Just be sure to go early, because these treats go quick.

Honorable Mentions

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Brittany Baumli

As we said before, there are too many great doughnuts in Kansas City to choose the best one. If you're not looking for something too "out there," these shops have the classics down pat.

Lamar's: A Kansas City staple since 1960 and the the place to go if you're feeling nostalgic. 

John's Space Age Donuts: A lesser known spot in Overland Park that's worth the drive. I taste tested their traditional glazed donut, and it was the best textured donut I've ever had.

Beinget: If you're looking for something outside the realm of classic doughnut shapes, Beignet on Main Street is the place for you. Serving up classic Cajun cuisine and delicious beignets filled with your choice of Nutella or fruit. These fluffy pillows will take you straight to doughnut heaven.

On this Doughnut Day, don't subject yourself to a chain's doughnuts. Visit your favorite local shop, or try someplace new to delight your taste buds. Stop in and grab a dozen to share—or keep them all to yourself, we won't judge.