Despite the fact that Hamilton consists of virtually 3 blocks, there are a number of dining options available for all tastes and desires. Here is a guide on where to go eat depending on who exactly is visiting you at Colgate University:

Your Rents:

This one is a no brainer! The Colgate Inn is with out a doubt the fanciest place to eat in Hamilton, and is therefore the perfect spot to enjoy a celebratory meal with the family. My top picks from the menu include the Yankee Pot Roast and the Tollhouse Pie.

Your Friend who has a Fit-stagram:

Hamilton Whole Foods reminds me of home (I am from LA after all). No matter how "clean" of an eater your friend is, there is no way that they will not leave Hamilton Whole Foods 100% satisfied. I am personally a big fan of the smoothies and wraps.

Your Friend Who Still Cannot Believe You Moved to the Middle of Nowhere:

Being a Cali girl myself, Mexican food is my version of comfort food. I was suspicious at first, but I happy to admit that La Iguana is legit. Colgate might be in the middle of the polar tundra, but at least we have tacos...and margaritas

Your Little Siblings:

Maxwells Chocolates & Ice Cream is the ultimate old-school soda shop! This place has everything a kid (and I) could ever want in this world: candy, chocolates, ice cream sundaes, and milkshakes, etc. Maxwells is the perfect spot to show your little sister and/or brother an amazing time

Your Family "Friends":

Flour & Salt is always a crowd pleaser! And is always a safe bet, regardless of how awkward the company. No matter who the friend is - from your aunt's neighbor to your dad's colleague and his five kids - Flour & Salt has something for everyone. If you like carbs and/or sugar (a.k.a. you are a living, breathing human), this place has something that you will like. 

Your Sister from Another Mister: 

...Because nothing says "you're my person" like a late night spent at Slices.