Although us college students are all vastly different, with unique majors, interests and extracurriculars, there is one thing that remains constant: We all need to eat. And whether you are working through Theater Appreciation or Calc 3, we’ve got the inside scoop on the best place to fit your needs. From funky colors to late-night cube-building fuel, we've scouted out the perfect haunts to satisfy your cravings and fuel your academic adventures. Without further ado, here's where to eat in Gainesville based on your major.

Business Administration: The Top

MaryRose Soto

The hip and upscale vibe of The Top creates an atmosphere in which Business majors can thrive. The funky colors and low lighting allow for maximum relaxation after a hard day of Business Finance and Managerial Accounting classes. Their food is great too, and they serve an eclectic and modern American fare which pairs well with the aesthetic of the sophisticated finance bro and stock market fanatic.

Performing Arts: Boca Fiesta

Both the food and the music will have creative juices flowing for dance, theater, and music majors when they step foot into Boca Fiesta. There’s always a reason to get up and dance: from the savory salsa to the cool guacamole and the indoor and outdoor seating, Boca Fiesta is both a place of welcome invitation and aesthetic chaos. At Boca Fiesta there will never be a dull moment, keeping the senses of performing arts majors fully satisfied. 

Computer Science: Satchel’s Pizza

There’s nothing more computer science than pizza. And in Gainesville, there’s nothing more pizza than Satchel’s. They have thin crust, thick pan pizzas and calzones, all with a myriad of toppings and an endless string of combinations. Combinations of ones and zeros that is...or maybe it’s mushrooms and olives. Either way, Satchel’s and computer science majors are a match made in heaven. 

Art/Graphic Design: Dragonfly Sushi & Sake Company

MaryRose Soto

Aesthetically pleasing plates are exactly what you look for as an art or graphic design major, and Dragonfly delivers on that front. Their aesthetics are modern and artsy, and their sushi, ramen and heavier dishes look and taste beautiful. Their menu is also creative, combining traditional Japanese fair with an eclectic twist that paints a picture of perfect bliss.

Architecture: Flaco’s Cuban Bakery

MaryRose Soto

What does everyone know about architecture majors? They’re up at all hours of the night, in the architecture studios, doing whatever it is that architecture majors do. Last time I asked, they were building cubes. But that’s beside the point. The point is that a late-night cube-building session requires late-night fuel. The best place for it? Flaco’s Cuban Bakery. Their warm, topping-filled arepas are to die for and make the perfect midnight snack to carry you through an all-nighter.

Sports Management: The Swamp Restaurant

MaryRose Soto

This one speaks for itself. With the giant screen showing nothing but football game after football game, the traditional American tailgate food, and the Florida Gators memorabilia that covers the walls, The Swamp Restaurant screams sport management. Whether you're catching the game or their hottest wings, The Swamp is the place to be for sports lovers and management majors alike.

English: Pascal’s Coffeehouse

Amelia Bowles

While Pascal’s isn’t technically a restaurant, I’d like to make the argument that English majors don’t really need to eat and can live solely on a diet consisting of coffee and tea. Pascal’s is great for both, and they offer flavors for every palate. The cozy fireplace, comfy chairs and earthy tones keep you immersed in reading, writing or familiar conversation, essential aspects of the English major’s lifestyle.

Environmental Science: Plantology

Vegan, plant-based and sustainable, Plantology is an environmental science major’s dream. From their buffalo ranch chick’n mac n’ cheeze to their vegan burgers and perfectly cooked fries, Plantology has something for everyone. They are located at Midpoint Park & Eatery, which offers outdoor seating at picnic tables or on the lawn. And for environmental science majors in Gainesville, there’s nothing better than enjoying environmentally friendly food and nature at the same time.


If you’re wondering why there wasn’t a restaurant listed for pre-med majors, it’s because there isn’t one! With all the time that you’ll be spending working on organic chemistry and on shift at the hospital, you won’t have time for much more than a quick snack at one of the on-campus vending machines. Good luck! (p.s. Just wait until you’re in residency!)

Whether you're dissecting sushi rolls as an art major or devouring code with your pizza slice, this town's got a spot for every major's taste buds. Remember, college life is a blend of hard work and delicious rewards, so making the most of study breaks at these Gainesville spots is vital to your success. Here's to good grades, great food, and the unforgettable memories you'll make at the intersection of academia and Gainesville cuisine.