If you've never heard of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, it is essentially a way to classify personalities based on sixteen types, each made of four letters. These letters represent interactions with others, information processing, decision making, and emotional management. And at this point, if you've never taken the test, you should probably do so in order to understand the rest of the article (here). 

Any UF student that's been in Gainesville for more than a week is well aware of how much personality our city has. Likewise, Gainesville is brimming with restaurants with their own flair and charm. So, it's no wonder every personality type can find a restaurant they relate to. 

1. INTJ- Vale Food Co.

A happy life is a well-planned out, organized life. It's important for you to think ahead. When it comes to decision making, you try to choose the most rational route. At Vale Food Co, knowing what you want in your bowl beforehand makes the whole ordering process 100% better. Plus, the logical side of you can appreciate food that is not only healthy but delicious too.

2. INTP- Maude's Cafe 

You maintain your chill composure on the outside, but inside, your mind is constantly running with ideas. INTPs also have a stronger-than-average thirst for knowledge. It would be fitting for an INTP to find themselves in a coffee shop, super focused on completing an assignment well in advance. In the case of Maude's, this personality type would also enjoy the coffee house's trivia nights to stretch their knowledge. 

3. ENTJ- 4 Rivers Smokehouse

An ENTJ's life is revolved around being as efficient as possible. However, they still have daring personalities and love bringing people together to accomplish a shared goal. 4 Rivers is probably one of the most efficient BBQ's there is: guests make their order on the spot and can enjoy their meal instantaneously. A strong personality would pair perfectly with 4 Rivers' array of bold rubs and sauces. 

4. ENTP- OAK Restaurant

You're a bit unconventional, but your intellect, charm, and forward-thinking are what really make you stand out. ENTP's would enjoy OAK's creative brunch and dinner menus. Plus, their extroverted side would appreciate the restaurant's lively atmosphere and wouldn't pass up taking pictures by that famous mason jar wall. 

5. INFJ- Mi Apá Latin Café

You may come off as quiet at first, but after digging a bit deeper, people are impressed by your complex mindset. Being empathetic comes naturally to you, so you live your life by doing the right things. Any INFJ would appreciate a restaurant that stays true to their roots and commits to serving the community. Plus, a cup of Café con Leche would come in handy when these introverts need to recharge.  

6. INFP- Pascal's Coffee House

You find most of your meaningful conversations are about values, personal growth, or people. Even though you are quite reserved, it doesn't stop you from encouraging your friends about their future endeavors. If there is anything else that can motivate you, it is coffee. And like Pascal's, both of you have a quiet demeanor, yet don't mind standing out to be yourself. 

7. ENFJ- Maple Street Biscuit Company 

You absolutely love people, pretty much to the point of constantly trying to fix their issues or stepping up to be the leader when the group needs one. However, breaking norms to say what needs to be said is not an issue. Likewise, at Maple Street, they call out orders unconventionally: names are replaced with the answer to the day's question. Both you and Maple Street also have a strong commitment to serving the local community

8. ENFP- The Swamp Restaurant

Even though ENFP's love to have fun and are all about stepping out of their comfort zone, they know how to relax. The Swamp is the perfect place to enjoy delicious food while sitting back and enjoying the latest Gator game. And just like your inviting personality, The Swamp is perfect for all students with varying tastes. 

9. ISTJ- D'Lites Emporium

Your life is like a cup of ice cream: maintaining social order is the base, finding belonging in this world is sprinkled throughout, and being tidy is the cherry on top. Speaking of ice cream...the logical-minded ISTJ would appreciate a place they can satisfy their sweet tooth without breaking any commitment made to eating healthy. 

10. ISFJ- Metro Diner

As an ISFJ, you thoroughly enjoy the simple things in life. However, this doesn't stop you from being a warming protector of your loved ones. And that's honestly what people love most about you. Likewise, Gainesville residents have fallen in love with Metro Dinner's down-to-earth atmosphere and simple, yet delightful, comfort foods.  

11. ESTJ- Dragonfly Sushi & Sake Company

Keeping the group in order? No problem. Keeping yourself from being bored? Still not an issue. Your fun yet responsible leadership style would mesh perfectly with the Japanese-tapas restaurant. It's a good idea to know what to order in advance so everyone gets to try something different while having enough to go around. 

12. ESFJ- The Flying Biscuit Cafe 

Growing up as an ESFJ, you may have noticed your continual popularity - and for good reason. Sure, you excel at almost everything you do, but making people smile and being altruistic is your jam. Likewise, The Flying Biscuit Cafe is a Gainesville favorite known for its delicious brunch foods and commitment to putting a smile on each customer's face. And like the bit of moondust that is sprinkled on each biscuit, you go the extra mile to bring happiness to your friends' lives. 

13. ISTP- Beque Holic

You're the type of person who loves doing things hands on. ISTPs are also known for their relaxing nature, being cheerful, and knowing how to prioritize. At Beque Holic, you get to be the chef by grilling meats and other foods to your liking. Your calming demeanor helps you be confident enough to cook for yourself (and maybe show your clueless friends a thing or two). 

14. ISFP- Satchel's Pizza

You're a bit quirky, but that's just how you roll. Your reserved nature doesn't stop you from living life colorfully and taking the time to become close with your loved ones. Satchel's is colorful, unconventional, and a great place to enjoy some pizza with friends and family.  

15. ESTP- Poké Bowl Station

Your boldness and practicality allow you to be creative, trying new things many wouldn't have thought of. And as a true extrovert, you love being sociable. Poké Bowl Station is one of the newest restaurants in the Midtown area. Customers can create custom poké bowls (with endless toppings), egg waffles, and bubble tea. 

16. ESFP: The Social at Midtown 

You are the true entertainer, full of charm and energy. You enjoy taking pleasure in things like food, entertainment, and big groups of people. The Social at Midtown embodies all three of these aspects in a grill/bar venue. ESFP's are also known for having fashion sense - no doubt The Social is one of the chicest bars on the Midtown strip.