European restaurants are some of the best in the world. If you study abroad in Europe, you definitely get spoiled being surrounded by incredible food for four months straight. For me, this makes it even harder to be constantly reminded by Facebook and Snapchat memories that it has been a full year since I was abroad. As much as my friends and I would do anything to go back, Ann Arbor luckily allows students to have a taste of whatever city you may be missing. Here is every spot you need to go to if you're seriously missing studying abroad.

Barcelona - Aventura

Paella, tapas, and sangria are the epitome of the Barcelona food scene. This amazing spot has all of this plus more. While you'll probably be going to Skeeps after instead of Opium, nowhere is anything like Aventura.

Le Bon Macaron - Paris

It's basically the Ladurée of Ann Arbor. These macarons are just as Insta-worthy and there are tons of fun flavors to try. You might actually forget that you aren't in Paris. 

Heidelberg - Berlin

If you are in desperate need of a German beer garden, this is obviously your place. You'll get those Oktoberfest vibes without even leaving Ann Arbor. The best part is that they serve beer in boot-shaped glasses. 

TeaHaus - London

This is the perfect place to go and act like you are having tea with the queen. Fake an accent and you're basically there. You can get a full English high tea here complete with finger sandwiches and scones. The bathroom may not be egg shaped like Sketch's but TeaHaus is as authentic as you can get in Ann Arbor.

Gratzi - Italy

Make sure to get your taste of Italy at this classic spot and load up on carbs. From the pastas to the wines, you might seriously be convinced you are back in Italy. Even the huge murals on the walls will remind you of all the museums you roamed around in. 

Conor O'Neill's - Dublin

Really wishing you could go back to St. Pattys at Temple Bar? This Irish pub will bring you right back except for the fact that you won't have to pay over 20 euros for a drink.

Afternoon Delight - Amsterdam

Hear me out on this one: it's for one food and one food only. Pancakes. Afternoon Delight has the best pancakes in Ann Arbor. They are most definitely comparable to the famous dutch pancakes in Amsterdam.

Jerusalem Garden - Israel

Though not in Europe, this place is definitely worth going to. All the Israeli classics are here: falafel, hummus, shawarma, and so much more. It's so good that you'll feel like you're right back in the Shuk. 

While going abroad and studying in Europe is an absolutely unreal experience, we are so lucky as Michigan students to be able to have access to so many international cuisines right here in Ann Arbor.