Celebrity couples are always stirring up drama, whether it’s in front of cameras or on social media. And as fans, we’re often trying to get the inside scoop on all of these romances. Are you Team Justin or Team Selena?

The only thing better than a scoop of celebrity gossip is a scoop of cold ice cream. So no matter if you’re team Gigi or team Zayn, or team cup or team cone, tell us your favorite celebrity couple and we’ll tell you where to get ice cream in NYC. 

1. Kanye West & Kim Kardashian-West: KITH Treats

Kimye definitely cares about style. Kanye used to refer to himself as the "Louis Vuitton Don," and Kim even painted her garbage cans with the LV logo. And, remember when he gave Kim's closet a complete makeover in 2012

KITH is a lifestyle brand and sneaker shop that doubles as an ice cream shop. Being able to indulge in cereal mixed soft serve and leave with a brand new pair of kicks makes KITH treats Kim and Kanye's perfect shop.

Virgil Abloh, the new creative director for Louis Vuitton, happens to have created his own KITH Treats ice cream flavor even. It combines Cinnamon Toast Crunch and toffee crunch. Can we consider ice cream a designer brand now? This high-end streetwear shop makes soft serve stylish enough for Kim and Kanye. (Hopefully they hit it first.)

2. Cardi B & Offset: 2 Dough Boyz

Cardi B went from stripping for singles to selling 500k+ copies of her debut album. Offset is all about getting his bag and flipping it and tumbling it. Together, this celebrity couple is full of dough.

2 Dough Boyz is is one of the best edible cookie dough locations in NYC. We all remember sneaking cookie dough while baking, and it's obvious Cardi and Offset like it, well, before it's prepared. I mean, they were dating for only a couple months and she already has a baby in the oven.

3. Big Sean & Jhene Aiko: Soft Swerve

Remember when Big Sean's ad lib was "swerve?" Well, this soft swerve ice cream shop decided to pay homage to the rapper. Soft and swerve perfectly describes Jhene Aiko's light rhythmic singing voice and Big Sean's bars, as heard on their joint album, Twenty 88

Big Sean and Jhene Aiko were friends for a long time before pursuing something more, and that may need to be done when acquiring a taste for interesting flavors like Black Sesame & Matcha Green Tea. Soft Swerve's menu also includes ube, a purple yam from the Philippines, that is loved all over Asia. Jhene Aiko's Asian ethnicity knows all about it. If someone asks you to share your dessert, just hit them with a "swerve."

4. Mac Miller & Ariana Grande: Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

We don't hear much about this couple, but it seems like they're still together. Many of us suspected a relationship between the two when they sang together on the song, "The Way." Ariana Grande and Mac Miller are both rumored to be vegan, so we'd catch them at Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream.

With vegan flavors like Concord Grape PB&J and Malt with Chocolate and Caramel Swirl, licking each scoop will be their favorite part. The couple raps and sings, "I love the way you make me feel," and it's been written that living a vegan lifestyle just feels better. It feels even better to eat something usually categorized as unhealthy in a health-conscious way.

5. Beyonce & Jay-Z: Tipsy Scoop

Queen Bey and Jay are the only couple I've seen pull off insane performances as a couple of amazing entertainers. They're like scooper-heroes on stage. Watching a Jay-Z and Beyonce perform live will have you fainting in the audience, as if you took too many shots.

They're drunk in love, so obviously, alcoholic ice cream is the way to go. Tipsy Scoop is the city's first alcoholic ice-cream parlor. Some of the desserts have up to 5 percent ABV! After back to back liquor-infused scoops like mango margarita and "hot" buttered rum, you'll wake up the next day asking yourself, "How the hell did this shit happen, oh baby?"

Side note: Do you think Solange likes Tipsy Scoop, and was she eating it before she got in that elevator? 

Hot weather is here and we can only hope these hottest celebrity couples stay together. If you want the perfect match for your ice cream, check out the coolest cones in NYC. And If you aren't falling in love this summer, fall in love with ice cream.