Easton may be a small city, but it it’s far from lacking in the good eats department. It’s all a matter of knowing where to go and what to order when you get there.

At Spoon Laf, we’ve done the research so you don’t have to, and compiled a list of places that can and will satisfy your every need as a Lafayette student any time of day, any day of the week.

1. When you’re cramming for exams and the library is full: Cosmic Cup

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Photo courtesy of @spoon_lafayette on Instagram

This one’s controversial because of the ongoing debate whether Cosmic or Mojo is the best coffeeshop, but since it gives of more of a classic cozy coffee shop vibe, Cosmic is the ultimate study spot. Also, they take “Pard Dollars” which means your meal plan can help cover the bill.

What to Order: People go nuts for Cosmic’s rich hot chocolate, especially their Mexican hot chocolate which comes with a kick of cinnamon. But if you’re looking for an energy boost go for one of their craft roasted coffees or seasonally flavored coffee drinks.

Location: 520 March Street (a five minute walk from Skillman)

2. When you’re craving burgers: Pearly Baker’s Alehouse

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Photo by Emma Glubiak

Pearly Baker’s has the best burgers in Easton, hands-down. They even have a decent black bean burger so vegetarians and meat-eaters alike can enjoy their pub-like ambiance.

#SpoonTip: Check out their list of live musicians before going so you can enjoy dinner and a show.

What to Order: Get the Centre Square Burger (cheddar cheese and bacon jam) and be sure to specify that you want local grass-fed beef, because helping the environment is worth the extra two dollars that it costs. Also, this is not a place you want to leave without having dessert. Their peanut butter stuffed brownie is every bit as good as it sounds.

Location: 11 Centre Square (right on the circle)

3. If you have midnight munchies: Wawa

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Photo courtesy of @Wawa on Instagram

Thursday-Saturday night you are sure to find a small crowd of drunk students waiting for their late night eats at this regional chain. After all, where else in Easton is open after last call at Milo’s? People are very passionate about Wawa, some even call it “the best place on Earth.”

What to Order: Whatever your drunk craving is, Wawa has what you desire. I recommend the mac and cheese or the Philly cheese steak.

Location: The Wawa nearest to Lafayette is at 225 Cattell Street (a two minute walk from Milo’s)

4. When you want to get your drink on: College Hill Tavern

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Photo courtesy of College Hill Tavern on Facebook

CHT is your typical college dive bar. It’s got a juke box, decent food and cheap drinks so what else can you ask for? Be warned: there’s always the chance of spotting a professor or two there on weeknights so try not to get too trashy.

What to Order: Whether you’re drunk or sober, CHT’s best menu item is their Gravy and Cheese fries. They are basically the American poutine and they are heaven on a plate. In terms of drinks you can’t go wrong with their daily specials or with their beers on tap.

Location: 420 Cattell Street (a 15 minute walk from Skillman)

5. When you’re trying to be romantic: Ocean

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Photo courtesy of @ptichkat on Instagram

Ocean isn’t cheap, but this dimly lit restaurant is the perfect place to impress your date over impeccable seafood. The menu does have a variety of other proteins as well for if you’re not into fish.

What to Order: If you want to go with the “Ocean” theme then go with the roasted halibut, but if not, definitely order the Ocean Burger. Also, they have a list of entrees that are $10 or under during their happy hour, so make note of when that is.

Location: 263 Ferry Street (a 20 minute walk from campus)

6. When you want a quick lunch under $10: Easton Public Market

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Photo by Emma Glubiak

The Easton Public Market is one of the newest additions to Easton’s food scene and we are forever grateful. There are tons of food options from ramen to barbecue to pizza to macarons and the airy ambiance makes it a lovely place to enjoy a meal. Pro tip: The Market is CLOSED on Tuesdays. Don’t trek down on a Tuesday, just to be disappointed, trust me, it sucks.

What to Order: You can’t order anything bad at the market but we recommend getting a pulled pork sandwich from More then Q and finishing your meal with macarons from Chocodiem.

Location: 325 Northampton Street (a 20 minute walk from campus)

7. When you’re craving a slice: Campus Pizza

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Photo by Caroline Ponsi

Campus is a Lafayette institution. Whether they’re grabbing pizza and dancing at 1 am or getting a slice for lunch with friends, there’s no place that Lafayette students love more. If you’re looking for a quiet dinner, this is not the place to go on the weekend as it gets pretty rowdy even before it becomes a dance floor.

What to Order: You can’t go wrong with a good ol’ slice of cheese pizza, but Campus also offers some delicious pasta options as well. I recommend the pesto.

Location: 133 McCartney Street (across the street from Mckeen Hall)

8. When you’re hungover: Key City Diner

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Photo by Jess Lewy

Key City Diner is the main reason why you need to find a friend with a car. They have every diner staple you could ask for and more. Even though it’s not walking distance from campus, it’s 100% worth trekking to. (If you can call a 10 minute drive into Phillipsburg, NJ “trekking.”) We even wrote an article about how to properly cure your hangover at Key City. While it’s a clear winner for hangover food, Key City is also a great late night spot, as it’s open 24 hours. However the need to have a DD or an uber get you there makes it slightly less appealing for drunchies.

What to Order: Two words: vodka fries. It’s a plate of french fries doused in marinara and melted mozzarella. Basically it’s pizza and french fries in one, aka the ultimate hangover cure. You also can’t go wrong with diner classics like eggs and bacon or pancakes.

Location: 985 US-22, Phillipsburg, NJ (about a 10-15 minute drive from campus)

9. When you or your friends don’t eat meat: Touch of Thai

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Photo by Emma Glubiak

Touch of Thai is about to become your new favorite restaurant. They give you tons of food for not a lot of money and they have great options for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. They do deliver to campus but we recommend going there in person because the decor in the bright restaurant adds to the experience.

What to order: Spring rolls or any kind of pad thai. Be sure to ask for an extra lime to squeeze on your noodles. Also, treat yourself to a Thai iced tea while you’re there.

Location: 123 N 2nd Street (a 15 minute walk from campus)

10. When your parents are visiting and footing the bill: Maxim’s

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Photo courtesy of @maxims22 on Instagram

Maxim’s is a classy French restaurant sans stuffy white tablecloths. We recommend coming here for either brunch or for dinner. It’s also right around the corner from Bank Street Creamery which means you can get incredible ice cream for dessert and show your ‘rents one of Easton’s cutest little alleyways.

What to order: If you’re coming for dinner you have to get the onion soup, no matter how hot it is outside. We also recommend any of their mac and cheeses or the steak frites. You can’t go wrong with any of their brunch dishes, but the brioche french toast is particularly noteworthy.

Location: 322 Northampton Street (a 20 minute walk from campus)

11. Where to go when you’re trying to be healthy: Greenmouth Juice Bar and Cafe

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Photo courtesy of @2spoons2cities on Instagram

Greenmouth is the best place around to cure your avo toast needs. They also have a ton of smoothies, smoothie bowls and juices to fulfill your healthy cravings. Be sure to bring back your juice bottles to be recycled and receive 50 cents back. Also Greenmouth is right near Easton Yoga which means you can really get your health kick with a yoga session followed by a refreshing smoothie.

What to order: The avocado toast is arguably the best avocado toast in Easton so that’s a must try. We also love the strawberry cheesecake smoothie (strawberries, cashews, banana, grass-fed whey protein, date, goji berries, cashew milk).

Location: 526 Northampton Street (a 20-25 minute walk from campus)

12. When you’re craving Italian food: Sette Luna

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Photo by Emma Glubiak

Sette is the spot to go for Italian food. It’s hard to choose what to order because everything there is so incredible. The good food is no secret, so be sure to make a reservation if you’re planning on going on a weekend and don’t want to wait for a table. Reservations for days like Valentine’s Day fill up fast—trust me, I learned the hard way.

What to order: If you’re leaning towards one of their many delicious personal pizzas, you have to go for La Capra (goat cheese, spinach, grilled chicken and tomato sauce). If you’re not feeling pizza then definitely order the Gamberetti e Risotto. I also highly recommend splurging on a side of meatballs.

Location: 219 Ferry Street (a 20 minute walk from Campus)

Lafayette clearly has tons of great restaurants nearby, and all but one of the options mentioned above are within walking distance of our campus. Look out for Easton’s Restaurant Week in January and July for great deals at most of these local haunts. If you head to any of these spots don’t forget to tag #lafspoon on Instagram so we can see your scrumptious eats.