My mother always taught me to eat in season. The produce is cheaper, usually better and there’s a greater chance it’s grown locally. But since FroGro usually stocks a lot of the same stuff, it can be confusing to tell what is in season. We’re here to give you a guide to spring produce, and some of our favorite ways to prepare it.

Strawberries: Chop them up with some lemon, mint, and a little sugar to make a bangin’ strawberry salad. Or, make strawberry rhubarb jam to add a twist to breakfast.
Rhubarb: This fruit is too tart and tough to be eaten raw, so cook it into the aforementioned jam, or make it into a compote.

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Mango: Chop up into a salsa with avocado to top fish tacos, or blend into a smoothie. Confused on how to cut one up? We have you covered.
Cherries: Cherry pie is always a classic, but if you want to get a little creative, make a French cherry clafoutis.

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AvocadosGuacamole, duh. Also, add to pretty much any food to make it instantly better.

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Pineapple: If you’re having a BBQ this spring, grilled pineapple is the shit. Alternatively, add it to a pressed ham and cheese. Or for more ideas, check out some inspiration here.

Artichokes: Boil ’em whole and eat the leaves one at a time and then the heart with aioli or vinaigrette, or just use the hearts and add them to a salad.
Arugula: Add to pastas, pizzas, salads, etc.

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AsparagusRoast them with parmesan and olive oil, or shave them and use them to top a white pizza or eat them with lentils and a fried egg.

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Peas: Add to risottos or blend into a soup.
Scallions: Obviously scallion pancakes. Also great as a garnish to most savory dishes.
Leeks: Make into potato-leek soup, or add to a quiche.

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Beets: Use raw or roasted in salads, or use them in chocolate cakes (really). Not sure what beets are all about? Check out this handy guide.

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Spinach: Use as the base for a salad with strawberries and walnuts, or sautée them with garlic and olive oil.

There you have it friends. Enjoy spring.