Spoon UDelhi is bringing you a food photography competition like never before. We are aiming to bring all the Spoon readers under one roof to battle it out for the best food pictures and provide our amazing Spooniverse with some more mind-blowing food porn.

What’s On Yo’ Plate, Mate?

General guidelines:

    1. Every participant can submit photos via Instagram. Make sure to tag us (@spoon_du) in your image and use #spoonudelhi and #whatsonyourplatemate. Send us the picture as a direct message in case your profile is private on Instagram.
    2. Pictures without major manipulation, editing, and filters are more likely to win, so try and stick to only the basic edits such as cropping, brightness and contrast adjustments.
    3. The competition is open to all national and international students.

Date and duration of the competition:

The competition opens on 27th March 2015 and closes at 11:59 pm IST on 6th April 2015. The final result will be declared soon thereafter.

Homemade eggs, cheese, cilantro and sriracha on a toasted bagel. #spoonfeed

A photo posted by Spoon University (@spoonuniversity) on Aug 29, 2014 at 9:16am PDT

At the end of the competition, the 10 best pictures will be featured on our Facebook page, Instagram account, and website as a special post.

To stay updated the participants should:

So… are you ready to get down to shooting what you love eating? Get going then!


GIF courtesy of tumblr.com

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