What's In My Fridge? Before we dive in, here's a quick disclaimer: this may or may not be heavily influenced by my Trader Joe's obsession. 

Cashew Butter

This has quickly become a massive obsession and is always in my fridge. I get the creamy and salted one from Trader Joes. It is the perfect complement to countless things, my favorites being paired with an apple or banana and some chocolate chips and baked oatmeal! My baked apple, cashew butter, chocolate chip oatmeal is dessert for breakfast and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Gerri Fox

Romaine Lettuce

Let’s just leave it at how my mom got me a salad spinner for my birthday just because I was missing my one at home. My favorite salad is simple romaine topped with chopped walnuts, apple chips and my homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

Gerri Fox


At home, I always whip up a homemade pesto in the blender. At school, I gravitate towards Trader Joe’s vegan pesto for convenience and feel that the taste is still right up to par! I put pesto on everything, from cauliflower gnocchi, tortilla pizzas, grilled chicken and chickpea pasta! My new favorite has been sautéing cauliflower rice and topping it with pesto, it is practically risotto (one of my all-time favorites) but with veggies! This is a fridge must-have!

Gerri Fox


I have always been pretty brand loyal to Activia, but I recently tried The Collaborative’s Vanilla Coconut Yogurt and was far from disappointed! For plant based, it was extremely tasty and I am trying to be especially conscious with nutrition labels and was pleasantly surprised to see a very low sugar content! I like to spend 15 minutes making a maple almond granola and it is the perfect garnish for a quick and super easy breakfast.

Gerri Fox

Maybe I'll share some of these recipes in the future, so be sure to stay tuned. I hope some of my classics have inspired you to try a new product or new recipe!