There’s this uncanny ability that mothers (and fathers, for some) have when it comes to cooking. Be it an easy-peasy plate of pasta or an elaborate Thanksgiving meal, mothers have that special touch in making food awesomer. Even if you personally tried a hand at the same recipe a thousand times over, it just lacks that special something.

Since Mother’s Day was last Sunday, we thought of asking fellow UO students about their favorite mom’s cooking:

Natalie Greene, Art:

“Corned beef and cabbage. I just miss elaborate food that takes a long time to prepare because I don’t do that myself. I really appreciate a nice home-cooked meal.”


Photo by Anna Loh

Micah Green, Cinema Studies:

“My mom makes really good spaghetti. She puts in a lot of different kinds of cheese in it. She also makes really good baked mac and cheese but that’s for special occasions like Thanksgiving. That’s just the bomb.”


Photo by Anna Loh

Hanae Goto, AEIS:

“Nikujaga. It has potatoes, carrots, onions and garden peas, and is boiled. Each family cooks it differently. My mom adds soy sauce and miso paste in it.”


Photo by Anna Loh

Josh Whinnery, Biochemistry:

“These rolls that she does, I don’t know why but it’s really delicious. It’s perfectly fluffy and flavorful. Like little balls of happiness.”


Photo by Anna Loh

Ryu Nagaishi, Environmental Science:

“Natto. It’s a Japanese breakfast dish that’s made from soybeans. My mum mixes eggs, kimchi and any other ingredients to make Natto and we eat it with rice. I love this. Definitely go crazy for it.”


Photo by Anna Loh

Jonathan Harada Kuloloia, Biology:

“Beef stew. It’s something that she cooks often, and it’s the only thing she’s kind of good at cooking too (laughs). It takes a long time to cook so you could tell she puts a lot of time and effort in it.”


Photo by Anna Loh

Rui Tu, Computer Science:

“A traditional Jiangsu dish called Tang Chu Li Ji. It’s like deep fried pork coated with sugar and vinegar. It’s basically sweet and sour, and slightly acidic.”


Photo by Anna Loh